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  • Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu joins Pinnacle

    Pinnacle CS:GO Just now

    Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu joins Pinnacle

    Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu has done it all in Counter-Strike. As a professional player across three Counter-Strike titles, he has coached some of the most decorated names in the scene, and appeared as broadcast talent at some of the biggest competitions to date. Now he takes on yet another role in esports, as we welcome him to the Pinnacle family as an influencer.

  • Pinnacle Cup VI | Tournament Overview

    Pinnacle CS:GO Last week

    Pinnacle Cup VI | Tournament Overview

    The Pinnacle Cup is back for its sixth online edition! Some of the best CS:GO teams will be competing for a share of the tournament’s $50,000 prize pool. Find out more about Pinnacle Cup VI in our official event guide.

  • ESL Pro League Season 18 | Betting Preview

    Archie Henry CS:GO Sep 12, 2023

    ESL Pro League Season 18 | Betting Preview

    The ESL Pro League is back for yet another iteration, this time in sunny Malta! As the second ESL Pro League event to feature brackets and last chance stages (as opposed to a more traditional league system), we can expect a month of quality competition between some of the best teams in the world.

  • Pinnacle Cup V | Playoffs Invited Teams

    Archie Henry CS:GO Aug 22, 2023

    Pinnacle Cup V | Playoffs Invited Teams

    The Pinnacle Cup Playoffs are here, and four more teams are joining the server. Read all about Bad News Eagles, FURIA, Monte, and Astralis in our latest article!

  • Gamers8 | Betting Preview

    Archie Henry CS:GO Aug 11, 2023

    Gamers8 | Betting Preview

    A new tournament, outside of ESL and BLAST organised events, has emerged in the form of Gamers8. This is much more than just a CS:GO tournament, as competitions in other games have been taking place under the Gamers8 name for the last month. What is most appealing about this tournament is the $1,000,000 prize pool, a figure only seen at the highest level of events. Another interesting aspect of this tournament is the single-elimination format the organisers have chosen to adopt the whole way through - the brackets will seem familiar to those who watch events like the World Cup. This means no second chances – one loss and you’re out.

  • IEM Cologne Play-in | Betting Preview

    Archie Henry CS:GO Jul 19, 2023

    IEM Cologne Play-in | Betting Preview

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive returns to the “Cathedral of Counter-Strike” this month, as the world’s greatest come together to battle it out at IEM Cologne 2023. In the wider CS:GO calendar, only Majors top this tournament for the sheer size of the event and the excitement it draws. Last year’s edition brought us one of the greatest best-of-five series that’s ever happened, but are teams ready to deliver once again?

  • Best Teams of 2023

    Archie Henry CS:GO Jul 12, 2023

    Best Teams of 2023

    We’re halfway through the year, and with that comes the summer player break for professional CS:GO players. This is as good a time as any to take a look at the tournaments we’ve had the pleasure of watching so far in 2023, and evaluate who the best teams in the world are right now! We’ve ranked our top five teams using a variety of different measures, from tournament wins to playoff appearances.

  • BLAST Premier Fall Groups | Tournament Overview

    Archie Henry CS:GO Jul 6, 2023

    BLAST Premier Fall Groups | Tournament Overview

    BLAST Premier Fall Groups returns to kick-start competitive CS:GO now that the player break is over. Every Counter-Strike fan has been eagerly awaiting this tournament, mainly due to the amount of roster updates we’ve seen since the BLAST Premier Spring Final took place in early June. What’s most surprising isn’t just the number of changes, but the changes themselves. NAVI dropped three players, Team Liquid now have a European core, and Team Vitality replaced Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen after winning the Major.

  • CS:GO Spring Season Recap

    Archie Henry CS:GO Jun 16, 2023

    CS:GO Spring Season Recap

    The summer player break is here, so we thought we’d review the season to get you prepared for what’s to come when the action returns in July. We’re still unsure as to when the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 will be released, or if the upcoming season will be played on Source 2. The one thing we do know is we won’t be getting a second Counter-Strike Major this year!

  • BLAST Premier Spring Final | Betting Preview

    Archie Henry CS:GO Jun 2, 2023

    BLAST Premier Spring Final | Betting Preview

    The BLAST Premier Spring Final event has been building up since the BLAST Premier Spring Groups event back in January. The stage is set in Washington, D.C. and the teams are ready play. Four of the top ten are joined by contenders, Complexity, Astralis and Imperial. This tournament has two groups that feature four teams, each in a double-elimination Best of three (Bo3).

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