Apr 5, 2018
Apr 5, 2018

IEM Sydney betting preview

IEM Sydney betting: Tournament structure

Who are the favourites for victory in Sydney?

IEM Sydney odds: Other contenders to consider

IEM Sydney betting preview

IEM Sydney gets underway on May 1, with 16 CS:GO teams heading down under to compete for their share of the $250,000 prize pool. Some teams will be looking to build on their DreamHack performances while others will be hoping to prove themselves on the big stage. Read on for some in-depth analysis of the IEM Sydney odds.

The 16 teams competing earned qualification in one of two ways. Seven invited teams and nine through qualifiers. Oceania and Asian qualifiers were assigned six spots for teams to compete for due to the location of the event

The teams are in two groups:

IEM Sydney groups

Group A

Group B

FaZe Clan




Space Soldiers**



Natus Vincere**





SK Gaming




IEM Sydney betting: Tournament structure

This event will use the GSL format, with two victories securing a spot in the playoffs and two losses resulting in elimination. These initial best-of-ones (BO1) are crucial and there could be some surprise early exits if teams don’t perform. The upset potential of many sides is high and the BO1 format provides teams with their best chance of causing one.

The rest of the tournament will consist of best-of-three (BO3) matches, with a best-of-five (BO5) final. These BO3’s allow sides to prove their consistency over a broader range of maps and teams that have a vast map pool will have the advantage. Upsets are less likely at this stage, but by analysing early results, bettors may be able to find some value.

The BO5 grand final is where teams need to showcase their in-depth knowledge of the CS:GO map pool. Experience and stamina will be the key to victory, as these BO5’s can last upwards of three hours. Experienced professionals recognise this is a marathon, not a sprint and keeping their focus heightened throughout is vital.

Who are the favourites for victory in Sydney?

Astralis (3.230*) looked a cut above the rest at DreamHack Marseille, as their superior coordination and teamwork (coupled with their firepower) allowed the Danes to brush aside their opponents. device held a 1.38 kill-death (KD) ratio according to during the event and looked back to his best. There is a strong chance we could see Astralis lifting the trophy in Sydney if they maintain their level.

Natus Vincere (6.180*) managed to come second at DreamHack Marseille, with s1mple winning the most valuable player (MVP) with an average rating of 1.52. He is touted by many as the current best player in the world and if he maintains his level, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) can go far. It is worth noting that electronic is starting to live up to expectations and settle into his role, which could play a crucial part in their quest for success in Sydney.

Tarik and automatic need to raise their game if they wish to go far in Sydney as they are critical components of the Cloud9 roster.

Fnatic (10.370*) is a considerable threat despite their semi-final defeat at the hands of Astralis. The Swedes have had a great few months with their two significant victories in March and decent online performances. KRIMZ has been key to Fnatic’s success. His clutches have won Fnatic multiple matches. If flusha and Lekr0 can raise their level as they did in Poland and China, Fnatic can go far.

mousesports (6.740*) have had a turbulent few months. Not long ago they were widely regarded as the best team in the world but they disappointed in Marseille and dropped out after losing 2-0 to Na’Vi. A few weeks ago they seemed as if they could match Astralis, but have since dropped off slightly. mouseports will need to step it up in Sydney if they want to claim victory and a good performance from sunny will be essential - he currently has a 1.14 KD.

IEM Sydney odds: Other contenders to consider

FaZe (5.700*) is going through a rough patch. The all-star team hasn’t looked the same since the loss of olofmeister -Xizt seems to have had a tough time filling in. NiKo isn’t at his best and GuardiaN and rain are struggling to pick up the pieces. The team lacks a togetherness, relying on individual plays. The talent of this team is unquestionable, but their recent form has been inconsistent. We may well see the resurgence of FaZe in Sydney but their odds will likely be on the short side for most bettors.

device held a 1.38 kill-death ratio according to during DreamHack Marseille and looked back to his best.

Cloud9 (currently 10.370* to win the event outright) have shown resilience in recent matches with some great comebacks. They fell 2-0 to Gambit in France and will look to bounce back in Sydney. FNS is proving to be an excellent addition to the team, with his in-game leading not overshadowing his fragging potential. Tarik and automatic need to raise their game if they wish to go far in Sydney as they are critical components of the Cloud9 roster.

NRG (26.970*) has looked fantastic online, and it’s exciting to see them play on LAN with their roster. Star player CeRq has been dominant and teams will need to find a way to counter him if they wish to beat NRG. Seeing them compete on LAN with their new roster will give us a better idea of their level.

Somewhat surprisingly, SK Gaming (7.270*) haven’t looked that good since their acquisition of Stewie2K. At DreamHack Marseille, they were knocked out by NiP and mousesports. On paper, the Stewie acquisition looks excellent and it should only be a matter of time before SK return to their best. The talents of fer, coldzera, FalleN and Stewie is unquestionable and this team certainly has the potential to be the best.

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*Odds subject to change

**Natus Vincere and Space Soldiers, unfortunately, couldn't attend the event. G2 and Legacy replaced them.

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