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Rocket League Predictions

Rocket League predictions and odds

RLCS X Predictions

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Rocket League Predictions

Inform your Rocket League predictions ahead of this week’s matches in the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series circuit with insight from Pinnacle’s odds, news and analysis.

What is the Rocket League Championship Series?

For the tenth season of Rocket League’s esports offering, developer Psyonix introduced a new multi-split circuit format for the season. In this new format, a season covers a year and is sectioned off into three splits.

A total of four regions are set to compete in the next RLCS season; North America, Europe, Oceania and South America. North America and Europe have their circuits operated by Psyonix, with the upcoming season set to host nine regional events each, three international Majors and one end-of-season World Championship. The circuits for Oceania and South America are yet to be announced.

In total, Psyonix expects to offer over $4,500,000 in prize money over the RLCS X season. For full details on the changes to the RLCS, click here for our article on the format for RLCS X.


RLCS The Grid predictions

For the nine weeks of the opening Fall split, 16 teams from both Europe and North America will take part in weekly competitions to win the largest share of a $10,000 prize pool and Grid Points in order to secure a qualification place to the end-of-split Major.

The first event of The Grid will take place on August 6 for Europe, and August 8 for North America.

RLCS The Grid Europe predictions

Top Blokes vs. Endpoint predictions

Top Blokes vs. Endpoint odds

Top Blokes




Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Top Blokes vs. Endpoint

Team BDS vs. Triple Trouble predictions

Team BDS vs. Triple Trouble odds

Team BDS

Triple Trouble



Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Team BDS vs. Triple Trouble

Guild Esports vs. Solary predictions

Guild Esports vs. Solary odds

Guild Esports




Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Guild Esports vs. Solary

FC Barcelona vs. Libertas predictions

FC Barcelona vs. Libertas odds

FC Barcelona




Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - FC Barcelona vs. Libertas

Team Liquid vs. Giants Gaming predictions

Team Liquid vs. Giants Gaming odds

Team Liquid

Giants Gaming



Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Team Liquid vs. Giants Gaming

Oxygen Esports vs. Team Singularity predictions

Oxygen Esports vs. Team Singularity odds

Oxygen Esports

Team Singularity



Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Oxygen Esports vs. Team Singularity

Dignitas vs. Monkeys predictions

Dignitas vs. Monkeys odds





Bet: RLCS The Grid Europe - Dignitas vs. Monkeys

RLCS The Grid North America predictions

Predictions for the RLCS The Grid North America games will be released once odds are available.


RLCS X Fall: Regional Event 1 predictions

The start of the RLCS X season sees the first regional event of the Fall split. The first event will be held for Europe, between August 1 and 9. The second event will take place in North America, held between August 15 and 23. In total, $100,000 of prizes will be handed out to the 32 teams competing in each event.

Predictions for the RLCS X games will be released once odds are available. 

*Odds are subject to change

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