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LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

What are the League of Legends LEC and LCS?

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Power rankings

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Power rankings

LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

The LCS & LEC are the two premiere franchised leagues in Western League of Legends, we analyse both each week in our LCS & LEC Power rankings.

What are the LEC and LCS?

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) are the game’s European and North American domestic leagues.

Each league features 10 teams and is played over two “splits” (Spring and Summer). At the end of each split, the top six teams qualify for the playoffs which decide the eventual league champion. The top teams from each league will eventually battle it out in playoffs, in the hope of qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year, the World Championships.

Find more information about the LCS & LEC here.


LEC 2021 Summer split odds

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on 23 July 2021 in the LEC 2021 Summer split. Find our dedicated section to the LEC here.

LEC 2021 Summer Week 7 Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)


Fnatic (2.09*)


Rogue (1.75*)

3 (+1)

G2 Esports (1.29*)

4 (-1)

MAD Lions (1.27*)


Misfits (1.39*)


Team Vitality (1.64*)

7 (+1)

Astralis (3.77*)

8 (-1)

Excel Esports (1.98*)

9 (+1)

SK Gaming (3.62*)

10 (-1)

Schalke 04 (1.84*)

Right now, it looks like Fnatic are the strongest team in the league. After an incredibly dominant victory over Astralis, which saw them earn a ridiculous gold lead of just over 8k by the 15-minute mark, Fnatic completed a regular season double over G2 Esports.

While G2 had a strong start to the game and led in kills, Fnatic played the map intelligently and out-skirmished them with superb individual and team plays. Top-laner Adam "Adam" Maanane has settled into the league incredibly well and looked surprisingly calm on stage despite the high-pressure circumstances.

For now, Fnatic still have to share their first place in the standings with Rogue after the latter defeated Schalke and Astralis as expected.

Things did not go so well, however, for Excel Esports who may have dropped the ball on a place in the playoffs once again. The team put up a good fight against Misfits, with both teams showing impressive macro play; however, Excel couldn’t deal with the opposing poke comp.

Excel then shockingly lost to SK Gaming the next day, leaving them tied with their opponents near the bottom of the standings on a poor 4-12 record. However, it capped off an unexpected 2-0 week for SK who recorded an outstanding upset over MAD Lions.

MAD did manage to recover with a win over Team Vitality the next day though the game was ridiculously close. If it wasn’t for Marek “Humanoid” Brázda’s heroics with Orianna’s Shockwave, MAD would have probably lost. The LEC champions currently look to be in nowhere near the form that took them to the semi-finals of the Mid-Season Invitational.

Meanwhile, G2 will be disappointed with the Fnatic loss but the star-studded squad did show signs of life with a good win over Vitality. Polish Jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski continues to stand out this season and had a great showing on Lee Sin in this match.

What to expect for the next week of LEC matches

It’s the penultimate week before the summer playoffs so the LEC teams will be starting to feel the pressure - especially Rogue, as Week 7 could be season-defining for them.

First, they will take on Fnatic in the biggest game of the summer. Both will be looking to prove just who the strongest team in Europe is right now, with the winner taking sole possession of first in the LEC.

Then, Rogue will square off with MAD Lions, who are struggling for form but are still extremely formidable on their day, to potentially complete a double over the team that defeated them in the Spring finals.

And in a crucial match that will likely decide who makes the top six, Vitality and Excel will clash in what should be a very entertaining game.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, there is also G2 vs. Misfits which should give us an idea of who might challenge Fnatic and Rogue this year.

Find a full list of odds for the LEC 2021 Summer here.


LCS 2021 Summer split odds

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on July 23 2021 in the LCS 2021 Summer split. Find our dedicated section to the LCS here.

LCS 2021 Summer Week 8 Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)


100 Thieves (1.80*)


Team SoloMid (1.38*)


Evil Geniuses (1.55*)


Cloud9 (2.02*) 


Team Liquid (1.49*) 


Dignitas (2.26*) 


Immortals (1.64*)


Golden Guardians (3.10*)


FlyQuest (2.79*) 


Counter Logic Gaming (2.19*) 

While there are no changes in our LCS rankings this week, it was the second week in a row that North America blessed us with extraordinary upsets.

Kicking off Week 7, Cloud9 had picked up two Baron buffs and the Mountain Soul yet they still couldn’t close out the game against Immortals and threw away all their hard work.

Then, in a weird moment of deja vu in the next game, TSM looked set to take down FlyQuest as they set up a strong Baron push. However, FlyQuest’s now-former academy line-up dug their heels in and won two miraculous fights in a row to secure a remarkable victory and extend their winning streak to four games.

The shock results didn’t stop there, as Matthew "Akaadian" Higginbotham had a sensational Kayn performance to take down league leaders 100 Thieves. To cap things off, Golden Guardians continued to show their tremendous growth with a phenomenal performance to end Evil Geniuses’ eight-game winning streak.

However, EG quickly recovered to end another team’s winning streak with a win over FlyQuest before then defeating Dignitas for good measure. While EG are establishing themselves as one of the strongest teams in the league, both FlyQuest and Golden Guardians have been two of the most impressive squads in recent weeks.

However, because of their poor records, it’s highly likely that only one of them will make it into the top eight in order to secure a playoff place. The only team that can be comfortably ruled out is Counter Logic Gaming who had another appalling 0-3 week. Substitute Tanner "Damonte" Damonte clearly is not the answer to their endless list of problems.

We also have to mention Team Liquid, who have been surprisingly uninspiring this season. Even Barney “Alphari” Morris wasn’t enough to change their fortunes as the team lost to both 100 Thieves and TSM. That now means TL have failed to find a single win against those two aforementioned teams and C9 this summer, resulting in a dismal 0-8 record.

What to expect for the next week of LCS matches

The penultimate week of the regular season couldn’t ask for a better start as reigning champions C9 will face off against 100 Thieves in a match both teams will want to win to make a statement ahead of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, TSM will be keen to remain in the top two but face a difficult week with games against EG, Golden Guardians, and C9.

Find a full list of odds for the LCS 2021 here.

* Odds are subject to change.

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