Aug 20, 2020
Aug 20, 2020

LCS and LEC 2020 Power rankings

What are the League of Legends LEC and LCS?

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Power rankings

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Power rankings

LCS and LEC 2020 Power rankings

The LCS & LEC are the two premiere franchised leagues in Western League of Legends, we analyse both each week in our LCS & LEC Power rankings.

What are the LEC and LCS?

The League of Legends European Championship and the League of Legends Championship Series are the game’s European and North American domestic leagues.

Each league features 10 teams and is played over two “Splits” (Spring and Summer). At the end of each Split, the top teams qualify for the Playoffs which will decide the eventual champion. The top teams from each division will eventually battle it out in playoffs in hopes of qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year, the World Championships.

Find more information about the LCS & LEC here.


LEC 2020 Summer

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams the LEC 2020 Summer. Find our dedicated section to the LEC here.

LEC 2020 Summer Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)

1 (+1)

Rogue (1.76*)

2 (+1)

G2 Esports (1.37*)

3 (-2)

MAD Lions (3.11*)

4 (+2)

Schalke 04 (1.39*)

5 (-1)

Fnatic (2.08*)

6 (-1)

SK Gaming (3.02*)

After a week-long break, the LEC is back with the Summer Split Playoffs kicking off this week following a three-day “Superweek” of epic proportions with miracle runs, surprise victories and even a locked-in Worlds place.

It was the young side of Rogue who became the first team in the world to lock in a place at the World Championships later this year after a superb performance in Week 8. The squad had been tied with MAD Lions for first place all Summer but managed to defeat their title rivals and then convincingly disposed of Origen to secure first seed heading into Playoffs.

However, those victories came after a surprising defeat on Day 1 to Team Vitality who failed to qualify for the Playoffs. It was a game that showcased clearly Rogue’s weaknesses, mid-game and late-game decision making are not their strong suit. Jungler Kacper "Inspired" Słoma is usually good at gaining control of the map and filling the cracks but if he fails to do so Rogue’s plan can fall apart at the seams.

And speaking of falling apart, for the first time this split there are concerns around MAD Lions. The team has been inconsistent over the last few weeks but in the final set of matches, failed to beat both Rogue and Schalke with both teams managing to out-skirmish them.

MAD found themselves at a huge deficit against Rogue but did manage to fight their way back in thanks to a quadra-kill from Marek "Humanoid" Brázda but it was too little too late as Rogue managed to backdoor even after an inhibitor respawned halfway through their attempt.

But the defeat that will have really shaken MAD was the loss to Schalke 04 who currently look like one of the best teams in the league. The squad started 0-7 and then had a 1-10 record before defying all the odds and completing a seven-game win streak with which included victories over Fnatic and the aforementioned MAD in the final week to qualify for the Playoffs despite at one time only having four per cent chance of qualification.

The entire group of players appear to be reborn. Top-lane Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu has remained consistent and had a few standout Shen games. Erberk "Gilius" Demir has revitalised the spirit in the team, leads the early-game by example and is now the front-runner for MVP. Mid-laner Felix “Abbedagge” Braun has transformed from one of the worst to one of the best mid-laners in Europe and Schalke’s bot-lane are also shining with ADC Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík making the starting spot his own while support Han "Dreams" Min-kook has repeatedly made game-defining plays.

Schalke cannot be underestimated but neither can reigning champions G2 Esports who have been putting in the work and it shows. The former Worlds finalists themselves ended the split on a six-game win streak with Luka “Perkz” Perković seemingly getting back to his best while Rasmus “Caps” Winther has reminded everybody why is still one of the best mid-laners in the world.

While we don’t know just how well G2 will match-up against the likes of Schalke and Rogue, the dominant fashion of their Week 8 games suggests the world-class squad is back on track and ready to fight to retain their title.

Fnatic, on the other hand, have also picked up a bit of form but look far less convincing. The team managed to pick up a crucial win over Excel Esports with impressive performances from all of its players while the victory over SK Gaming, which didn’t affect the standings, was a classic end of season mess which told us nothing.

Fnatic usually show up when it matters most but after struggling to recover from their Spring finals defeat, the squad is playing catch-up with very little time remaining.

And finally, we can’t sleep on SK who have proven that they can defeat the best teams in the league, though the squad usually tends to then lose to the worst. That lack of consistency means we can’t rate them too highly the but the squad deserves immense praise for their improvement from Spring.

If the squad can manage to perform to their best consistently for a best-of-five, even fan favourites Schalke could be in trouble.

What to expect from the LEC playoffs

After finishing first, Rogue have opted to face Fnatic in the opening round as they attempt to secure first seed going into Worlds. Considering Fnatic’s form and the fact that Rogue defeated Fnatic in both of their meetings this split, it’s a rather understandable choice.

While Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau could get the advantage in the top-lane, the real secret to defeating Rogue will be shutting down Inspired in the early game before returning to what Fnatic did best in Spring - creating pressure around the map and forcing teams to constantly make difficult decisions.

As for Schalke vs SK, fans will be hyping the former going into the series but their path through may not be so easy. We did see Schalke perform incredibly well but that was while there was no real pressure on the team, they were constantly defying expectations but will now have to deal with being favourites which could change the dynamic. It’s been well reported that Abbedagge would perform incredibly in scrims but struggle on stage. If SK manage to knock his confidence early into the series, the consequences could be disastrous.

And finally, there’s the highly anticipated rematch from Spring Playoffs between G2 and MAD. The latter have improved immensely since their first upset against the champions many months ago but form suggests that G2 will be better prepared this time around. After a week of practice, both teams will likely have some surprise picks in their pockets. That makes this series very difficult to predict but certainly exciting to watch.

Find a full list of odds for the LEC 2020 Summer here.


LCS 2020 Summer odds

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on Saturday 12 August in the LCS 2020 Summer. Find our dedicated section to the LCS here.

LCS 2020 Summer Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)

1 (+1)

Team Liquid (*)

2 (+1)

Team SoloMid (1.30*)

3 (-1)

Cloud9 (*)


FlyQuest (1.35*) 


Golden Guardians (3.54*) 


Evil Geniuses (3.25*) 


100 Thieves (*)

8 (+1)

Dignitas (*)

Another year in the books, the regular season of the LCS has come to an end and is now moving full force into the playoffs. With the LEC on a week-long break, we thought we’d take an in-depth look into the eight NA teams that will be competing for a place at the LoL World Championships.

The fact that eight teams, rather than six, will compete has been a rather hot topic recently. While it is true that those deserving of competing internationally will make it through, it does seem strange watching a tiebreaker between Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming with a playoffs place at stake considering both teams have been poor all split.

But it was DIG who made it in the end as CLG wrapped up a nine-game loss-streak and recorded the lowest amount of wins in an LCS season ever. DIG did manage to pick up another win last week though as they backdoored 100 Thieves who have been equally disappointing this year.

Yet 100T have shown they can win games when playing around the star of the squad, top-laner Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho. Meanwhile, mid-laner Tommy "Ryoma" Le has looked convincing when playing Galio, it’s the only champion that he has a 100% win-rate on. The team did both in last week’s victory over Evil Geniuses.

Yet 100T have shown they can win games when playing around the star of the squad, top-laner Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho. Meanwhile, mid-laner Tommy "Ryoma" Le has looked convincing when playing Galio, it’s the only champion that he has a 100% win-rate on. The team did both in last week’s victory over Evil Geniuses.

EG themselves have been inconsistent as they somehow in the same week managed a victory over Golden Guardians and did so from a 10k gold deficit, even as the game ended EG were almost 4k behind. While the impressive performance from Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer was encouraging for EG, It was an extraordinary throw from Golden Guardians who had an abysmal Week 9 having also lost to Team SoloMid.

While EG are unlikely to find some consistency, we’ve still seen how devastating an in-form Golden Gaurdians can be - especially when jungler Can “Closer” Çelik performs. Still, there appears to be a clear top-four in the LCS playoffs which will make for very exciting best-of-fives.

And starting right at the top, Team Liquid have managed to secure first-place and did so while breaking the organisation’s record number of wins in a single split with 15. The addition of former colour caster Joshua "Jatt" Leesman who also worked on the LoL balance team for a while, as a coach has seemingly made TL a much more coherent team and has taken them back into first after the appalling ninth-place finish in Spring.

The organisation secured its advantage for the playoffs with a routine win against Immortals before taking down TSM in a major win - though it was a closer game than they would have liked.

TSM have been chasing the top-two for a long time now, desperately clawing their way back into the title picture. While they weren’t able to secure a bye into the playoffs with Cloud9 taking second, there’s no doubt that TSM are looking great at the moment. Multiple analysts thought TL had destroyed TSM in the draft which makes the fact that TSM almost won even more impressive.

Meanwhile, Cloud9 have been awful. The team was on a four-game loss streak, which included defeat at the hands of the aforementioned TSM, which only came to an end because they had easy Week 9 opponents in DIG and CLG. In fact, the reigning Spring champions even came close to losing to DIG which never would have happened during the first half of the split.

C9’s form is very concerning as the squad’s previous form had given LCS fans hope of an NA team performing well at Worlds again. The squad is certainly capable, the ceiling of the team is astronomically high but they haven’t got long to try and return that peak.

And finally, FlyQuest also deserve a mention as the team continued its fine form with routine wins over Immortals and CLG. TL, C9 and TSM will all be sweating watching FlyQuest’s first series.

What to expect from LCS Playoffs

After finishing in the top two, C9 and Team Liquid have byes into the second round of the playoffs where the latter will get to choose their opponents from either of the winner’s bracket victors.

Kicking off the playoffs, TSM will take on Golden Guardians in what should be a very entertaining best-of-five. In the twelve meetings between the two teams, Golden Guardians have only won a single game and that was back in Spring 2019. Still, with the early game prowess of Closer and the sound performances from their bot-lane in recent weeks, Golden Guardians won’t be easy to beat.

The other winner’s bracket game will be between Evil Geniuses and FlyQuest which should be in the latter’s favour. FlyQuest were runner’s up earlier this year and look to have hit form again at just the right time and could prove to be a threat once again.

While the winners of those games will go on to face C9 and TL, the loser’s will drop down with games against Dignitas and 100 Thieves awaiting them. Neither of those teams will be likely to make much impact on the playoffs but you never know.

For now, with C9’s poor form and TSM recent record in playoffs, it seems TL is the only team you can be sure will secure a seed at Worlds. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

Find a full list of odds for the LCS 2020 Summer here.

* Odds are subject to change.

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