apr 8, 2021
apr 8, 2021

LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

What are the League of Legends LEC and LCS?

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Power rankings

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Power rankings

LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

The LCS & LEC are the two premiere franchised leagues in Western League of Legends, we analyse both each week in our LCS & LEC Power rankings.

What are the LEC and LCS?

The League of Legends European Championship and the League of Legends Championship Series are the game’s European and North American domestic leagues.

Each league features 10 teams and is played over two “Splits” (Spring and Summer). At the end of each Split, the top teams qualify for the Playoffs which will decide the eventual champion. The top teams from each division will eventually battle it out in playoffs in hopes of qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year, the World Championships.

Find more information about the LCS & LEC here.


LCS 2021 Spring odds

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on April 10 2021 in the LCS 2021 Spring split. Find our dedicated section to the LCS here.

LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)


Cloud9 (*)


Team Liquid (*)


Team SoloMid (*)


100 Thieves (*) 


Dignitas (*) 


Evil Geniuses (*) 


Immortals (*)


FlyQuest (*)


Counter Logic Gaming (*) 


Golden Guardians (*) 

Last week, all eyes were on Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid as LCS fans were given an early inclination into who might be representing them at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) next month.

Heading into the series, the main question on everyone’s lips was whether C9 could handle superstar Top-laner Barney “Alphari” Morris. They proceeded to promptly answer those questions as they camped the Welshman and found three kills on him within the first 15 minutes of the opening game.

In the end, it was a rather simple 3-1 victory for C9 who are now heavy favourites to lift the title. As many expected, Mid-laner Luka “Perkz” Perković stepped up for the big games with superb showings throughout. It’s that ability to perform when it matters most that justifies his heavy price tag.

Yet, it isn’t all doom and doom for Team Liquid. The star-studded roster won Game 2 with one of the most dominant showings we’ve seen during the Mid-Season Showdown so far. That victory was a 24-minute stomp and will give Liquid a strong platform to build from during this crucial week of practice.

However, before they can even worry about taking down C9 they’ll have to deal with Tem SoloMid first. The reigning LCS champions had a relatively comfortable 3-1 win over 100 Thieves as they repeatedly out-classed their opponents in the late-game. TSM’s team fighting is certainly the squad’s biggest strength as they came back from early deficits with well-played skirmishes on multiple occasions. Though that weakness in the early-game could be exposed.

Still, TSM have now played a lot of best-of-five series in these playoffs which gives them a lot of momentum heading into the Team Liquid series. And considering the fact that Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon completely dominated Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho, he should be able to challenge “Alphari” too.

What to expect for the next week of LCS matches

It’s time for the finals to decide who will represent North America against the strongest teams in the world at MSI. Cloud9 will be heavy favourites following their stellar season but all three of the remaining teams are powerhouses and realistically, any of the squads could lift the title.

Team Liquid and TSM will clash in an electric best-of-five before the victor challenges C9 with the LCS title on the line. With two breathtaking series to look forward to, the only guaranteed winners are the viewers.

Find a full list of odds for the LCS 2021 here.


LEC 2021 Spring

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on 10 April 2021 in the LEC 2021 Spring. Find our dedicated section to the LEC here.

LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)

1 (+1)

MAD Lions (*)


G2 Esports (*)


Rogue (*)


Fnatic (*)


FC Schalke 04 (*)


SK Gaming (*)


Excel Esports (*)


Misfits Gaming (*)


Astralis (*)


Team Vitality (*)

The surprises keep coming in the LEC. The second round of the LEC playoffs was extraordinary, with three captivating series that left fans bewildered.

Starting things off was Fnatic vs, Schalke 04, in a series that promised to be bloody. Instead, it was a one-sided slaughter as Schalke decimated Fnatic 3-0 in a jaw-dropping result. To be frank, Fnatic were a mess while Schalke dominated them across the map. The tilt on the Fnatic players’ faces looked pretty clear during the third game and the performance matched it as a three on one turret dive resulted in a triple kill for Felix “Abbedagge” Braun.

Following that remarkable display and the team’s valiant effort against G2 Esports in the previous week, Schalke were looking very strong. However, two days after defeating Fnatic they were unable to register another victory as Rogue returned to winning ways.

Rookie Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus admitted that nerves got the better of him during his first games on stage against MAD Lions the week prior but the Polish support appears to have moved past that as his phenomenal engage won his team the series 3-1. It’s hard to say what level Rogue are at right now but the fact they were able to dictate the pace of the game and slow Schalke down, something neither G2 or Fnatic could do, bodes very well for the squad.

Finally, we have to talk about G2 vs. MAD which was a scintillating battle – just as we’ve come to expect from these two. Following the hiccups against Schalke, G2 were surely keen to put on a better showing, yet MAD were astoundingly able to defeat the reigning champions 3-1.

In the first two games, G2 continued to experiment with enchanters in the Bot-lane but Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s Karma was nowhere near as effective as his Seraphine. Once the Swede returned to traditional AD Carries, G2 took a game back but even that couldn’t stop MAD in Game 4 who continued to play team fights beautifully.

What to expect from the LEC 2021

For the third split in a row, G2 Esports will have to battle through the semi-finals to compete for the LEC title. However, they will remain favourites heading into the finals despite their poor performances in recent weeks. The calibre of the roster speaks for itself and we’ve seen from G2 countless times that they will step up when absolutely necessary.

Should G2 be victorious, they will break their own record for the most consecutive LEC titles, as this would be their fifth in a row. But, neither of their opponents should be underestimated. Rogue pushed G2 to five games in the previous LEC semi-finals (Summer 2020) while MAD have now beaten G2 on numerous occasions.

This will be MAD’s first-ever final. There’s a lot of pressure on the inexperienced squad but the players have looked comfortable on stage so far and the core three will have certainly learnt a lot from Worlds last year. The LEC playoffs could still have some surprises in store for us.

Find a full list of odds for the LEC 2021 Spring here.

* Odds are subject to change.

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