Oct 10, 2022
Oct 10, 2022

The International 11 - Tournament Guide

What is The International?

Which teams will be at The International 11?

How do you bet on The International 11?

The International 11 - Tournament Guide

The International (TI) is one of the biggest and most prestigious esports events of the year. In this guide, we will explain what The International involves, which teams are participating, and check out the betting markets for the 2022 edition.

What is The International?

The International, also known as TI, is the biggest and most prestigious event of the competitive Dota 2 professional calendar.

The best Dota 2 teams compete over a multi-week period to determine who will lift the Aegis of Champions and be crowned the champions of TI.

The teams in attendance represent various regions across the globe. Most of them qualify through their regional leagues; however, the last two spots are decided through the Last Chance Qualifiers.

The prize pool for TI varies per year and is mostly crowdfunded through the sale of Dota 2 battle passes. The prize pool for TI10 last year reached a total of more than $40 million.

The International 11 will take place from October 15, 2022, to October 30, 2022.

Where does TI11 take place?

The International 11 will be taking place across two different venues in Singapore. The playoffs will be held at Suntec Singapore and the finals at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Which teams will be at the The International 11?

Twenty teams will take part in TI11, qualifying through the Dota Pro Circuits, regional playoff tournaments, and the Last Chance Qualifiers. The 20 teams are divided into two groups. Which teams play in which group is still to be decided.

Dota 2 teams at The International 11



Team Spirit


Team Aster

Thunder Awaken

BOOM Esports


Tundra Esports

Gaimin Gladiators

Evil Geniuses





BetBoom Team

Royal Never Give Up

Talon Esports

Team Secret

Team Liquid

The Group Stage of TI11 will be played in a single round-robin format, with two groups of 10 teams. The top four teams in each group will progress into the upper bracket of the main event, while the teams placed fifth to eighth will advance to the lower bracket. The remaining two teams from each group will be eliminated from contention.

In the Main Event, 16 teams will play in a double-elimination bracket. Eight teams will start in the upper bracket, the other eight in the lower bracket.

How do you bet on The International 11?

Betting on esports is easy; however, beginners might need a guide to navigate the various methods available for making a bet. To help, we’ve prepared a handy guide for those looking to place a bet during TI11.

Pinnacle will offer a number of markets for Dota 2 enthusiasts to bet on during The International 11. The most popular market for esports bettors is the Money Line market, which is a bet on the winner of a particular match. Futures markets will also be on offer if bettors want to bet on the team that will win TI11 and the region they will come from.

Don’t want to do lengthy research but still want to place a bet? Pinnacle will also offer in-play betting on live TI11 games, with markets on offer such as 1st Blood, 1st Roshan, 1st Tower, 1st Barracks, and more!

If you’re an eagle-eyed bettor, be sure to stay updated on our Dota 2 The International odds page. Pinnacle will offer great Dota 2 odds and a wide variety of different markets, both pre-match and in-play.

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