Nov 1, 2017
Nov 1, 2017

An introduction to eSports betting

What does Pinnacle's eSports Hub have to offer?

How do you know if eSports betting is for you?

Things to consider when choosing a bookmaker

An introduction to eSports betting

Following the launch of Pinnacle’s new eSports Hub, our Content & Social Media Manager - Benjamin Cronin - has sat down to answer the questions that every novice eSports bettor will be asking. Is eSports betting for you? How do you bet on eSports and why should you choose Pinnacle? Read on to find out.

The growth of eSports seems to have caught the majority of the betting industry by surprise. Competitive gaming is now more popular than ever, and so is betting on it. There’s plenty of excitement following the explosion of eSports, but we've gone back to the basics with our Marketing Director to help those just starting out on their eSports betting journey.

What is the eSports Hub?

Pinnacle's eSports Hub is the go-to place for all things eSports and betting. Whether you're a casual bettor or looking to make a living from eSports betting, there's something for everyone. It offers personalised settings to select game preferences, a comprehensive eSports schedule with the latest odds for upcoming events and a blog that features betting articles for all learning levels.

How do you know if eSports betting is for you?

This is the real first step – is betting for you? Does it add to your enjoyment of the eSports event you’re planning to watch? Are you willing to accept losses that will inevitably occur? If the answer to any of those questions is no, you should probably stick to playing the games and watching the professionals.

How do you bet on eSports?

If you have an interest in eSports betting, the first logical step is to learn how to bet. There are various games you can bet on and countless available markets but Pinnacle’s how to bet on eSports guide makes it all easier to understand.

If phrases such as handicap, multiples and stake still don’t make much sense, you can always use Pinnacle’s Betting Glossary to help you grasp betting terminology.

I know how to bet, what do I do next?

You want to bet on eSports and you’ve got to grips with the basics but knowing what to do next can be daunting. Firstly, find a game that you’re interested in - if you enjoy the game, understand the rules and have knowledge of different team/player strengths it will definitely help your betting.

You’ll also need to expand your betting knowledge. Whether it’s how to convert odds into probability, learning about expected value or finding out which staking method is best, a little effort will go a long way in your quest to become an expert bettor.

Other important things to consider is the importance of research - game updates, team form competition formats - and the benefit of integrating with the eSports community. Whether it’s the sharing of information or a friendly debate over who is currently the best Dota 2 team, Reddit and eSports forums can be invaluable betting tools.

Choosing the right bookmaker

As if the choice of games and markets to bet on wasn’t enough, bettors also need to choose what bookmaker to place their bet with. How much it costs to place your bet (the bookmaker’s margin) and whether you’re allowed to win are perhaps the two most important things to address when it comes to choosing your bookmaker.

In addition to helping you learn how to calculate betting margins, Pinnacle is renowned for having the lowest margins in the industry - this means you get better value odds and make more profit when you win. Pinnacle also welcomes winning bettors and unlike other bookmakers, will never ban you or limit your account if you win and allows arbitrage betting.

Sometimes bookmakers will offer what appear to be great incentives to bet with them. Deposit bonuses and free bets might sound too good to be true and unfortunately, that’s because they are.

Another important aspect of choosing the right bookmaker is your experience when placing a bet. How simple is it to deposit and withdraw your money? Is the website easy to navigate? The odds you bet with matter, but so does the process of placing a bet.

eSports betting: The final things to remember

  • Only bet if you think it’s right for you
  • Learn how to bet before throwing your money away
  • Make use of the resources that are available to you
  • Look after your money and manage your bankroll
  • Shop around and find the best odds
  • Don’t be drawn in by free bets that offer no value
  • Don’t expect to hit the jackpot - be disciplined
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