Feb 15, 2022
Feb 15, 2022

The ultimate guide to betting on Free Fire

All you need to know about Free Fire betting

How does Free Fire betting work?

Free Fire betting - what markets are available?

Where to find Free Fire betting odds?

The ultimate guide to betting on Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the fastest-growing mobile esports titles in the world. In our ultimate guide to betting on Free Fire, we go over all of the details you need to know.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a mobile-based, third-person, battle-royale (BR) game developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. In Free Fire, up to 50 players fight against each other to be the last individual or team standing. Players gather weapons, equipment, and supplies to increase their chances of winning the match - all while the available playing area gradually gets smaller.

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The basics of betting on Free Fire

Like all battle-royale games, the premise for Free Fire is for an individual or team to be the last standing after battling against others. When betting on Free Fire, bettors should conduct research into how well all of the competing individuals and teams have performed prior to a tournament, analysing their win rates and the statistics of individual players. The Free Fire Liquipedia has a wealth of resources to consult for those interested.

Bettors should also be aware of the available markets for Free Fire betting, which are discussed below.

How popular is Free Fire esports?

While Free Fire attracts players from around the world, the battle-royale game is incredibly popular in Latin America (LATAM) and South-East Asia (SEA). In 2019, Garena launched the Free Fire World Series, a tournament that involved some of the best teams competing for $400,000 in prize money. Now known as the Free Fire World Series (FFWS), 2022 will see the tournament take place in Sentosa, Singapore with 22 teams invited to compete.

Credit: Free Fire via Garena Free Fire Global

Free Fire betting – what markets are available?

There are two primary Free Fire betting markets offered by Pinnacle. The Outright Winner of a tournament and the Round Winners of each match in that tournament.

The Outright Winner market allows a bettor to place a bet on a team they believe will win a tournament, and all of the teams competing will be available to be bet on. Typically, the odds in the Outright Winner market are higher to reflect the higher number of options a bettor has to choose from.

The second market that players can place a bet on is the ‘Round Winner’ market. Typically, a Free Fire tournament will involve teams battling in six rounds with their finishing placement in each round earning them points. The ‘Round Winner’ market involves placing a bet on a team to win a particular round within a tournament.

Where can I find Free Fire betting odds?

Pinnacle offers odds markets on the world’s leading esports titles including Free Fire. Find the latest Free Fire betting odds on our esports hub!

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