Sep 8, 2023
Sep 8, 2023

Competitive CS2 ranks explained

What is the highest rank in CS2?

What is the CS2 rating system?

What is Premier Mode in CS2?

Competitive CS2 ranks explained

With the release of CS2 comes a rank reset. For many who have grinded away countless hours to achieve Global Elite this may come as heartbreaking news, but anyone seeking a fresh start will get exactly what they’re looking for. Not only are we going to have to complete placement matches again, a new ranking system is being implemented to give players a better competitive experience.

Premier Mode – Matchmaking in Counter-Strike 2

Premier Mode was originally introduced to CS:GO alongside Operation Broken Fang in late 2020. This mode featured an experience closer to that of third-party matchmaking sites, such as FACEIT and ESEA. The significant changes it brought were map vetoes, side selection, and the removal of damage dealt from the console upon your death. Many had hoped this game mode would also come with 128-tick servers, but this is something it seems we’ll never get. Whilst this will become the primary competitive game mode for Counter-Strike 2, it will feature the new sub-tick system as opposed to direct 128-tick servers.

CS2 Rating

This new way of playing competitive Counter-Strike also comes with an updated ranking system. This new ranking system is most comparable to FACEIT’s elo system. Each player will now receive a rating anywhere between 0 and upwards of 35,000 (we’re currently unaware of just how high you can climb). Each rating will be filtered into a group that features a colour matching that of skin rarity - for example, a player ranked at 10,000-14,999 will have their rating colour-coded the same as Mil-Spec skins, the lowest form of weapon rarity from cases. A player with a rating of 30,000+ will have a golden border, akin to that of a knife or a glove.


Competitive Leaderboard – CS2 Leaderboard

If there’s no longer a clear indication of the top ranks, how do you know how good you are? The easiest way would be to check the colour of the border your rank has, but if that doesn’t satisfy you, Valve have introduced leaderboards that feature ranking updates in real time. These will be seasonal and can be filtered between a friends-only leaderboard, a regional leaderboard, and a global leaderboard. This means you’ll be able to actively see the top 10 CS2 Premier Mode players and where you place in the world, or even just amongst friends.

Map Ranks

If you’re the type of player who only plays a single map, don’t fret. The old ranking system, ranging from Silver I to Global Elite, is staying on a per map basis. This means all you Vertigo players can still obtain Vertiglobal, whilst being Silver across every other map. This is a great adjustment as it allows those unfamiliar with particular maps to play against others who are also in the process of learning said map. If it’s your first time playing Anubis, you won’t be queued into a team who know perfect pop flashes and nade stacks.


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