Feb 24, 2021
Feb 24, 2021

A guide to The Pinnacle Cup

What is The Pinnacle Cup?

Tournament format

Teams participating

Match schedule

A guide to The Pinnacle Cup

The Pinnacle Cup is a groundbreaking esports event that will see some of the best CS:GO teams compete for a share of $100,000. Find out more about the event in our official guide.

What is The Pinnacle Cup?

In partnership with Relog Media, GRID, and Trustly, The Pinnacle Cup is a groundbreaking esports event that features some of the best CS:GO teams competing for a share of $100,000. The tournament starts on March 3, 2021 with the Qualifiers stage and concludes on April 4, 2021 with the Grand Final, where we will crown the inaugural Pinnacle Cup champion.

The Pinnacle Cup - Key dates

  • Qualifiers: 03/03 - 05/03
  • Swiss stage: 06/03 - 14/03
  • Playoff stage: 21/03
  • Quarter-finals: 27/03 - 28/03
  • Semi-finals & Grand Final: 03/04 - 04/04

The Pinnacle Cup - Tournament format

The Pinnacle Cup is structured in three stages: Qualifiers, Swiss stage, and Playoff stage.

During the Qualifiers, the teams are separated into four groups, with the initial matches taking place as a Best-of-One (Bo1) with the winner moving onto a Best-of-Three (Bo3) match for qualification into the Swiss stage. Each group will yield one team that will join the 12 teams waiting in the Swiss stage.

The Swiss stage will see 16 teams competing in a Swiss-system format, with each match taking place as a Bo3. The Swiss-system gives every team a fair chance to progress, placing teams on the same score against each other and not eliminating a team from Playoff contention after two losses - unlike other traditional tournament formats. By the end of the Swiss stage, eight teams will have earned an opportunity to progress to the Playoff stage.

For the Playoff stage, four teams have been automatically invited and seeded into a Quarter-final bracket, while the eight teams progressing from the Swiss stage will have to battle in a single-elimination, Bo3 bracket to earn a spot against the invited teams. After the Quarter-final teams are determined, the tournament enters its final stages with the remaining teams battling it out to reach the Grand Final and become The Pinnacle Cup champions.

In total, there will be 32 teams competing at The Pinnacle Cup with names like GODSENT, EXTREMUM, and HAVU battling it out in the month-long tournament.

Where can I watch The Pinnacle Cup?

The official broadcast of The Pinnacle Cup will be live-streamed on in three different languages: English, Russian, and Brazilian Portugese.

The Pinnacle Cup - Prize distribution

The Pinnacle Cup will feature a $100,000 prize pool split amongst the final two teams in the tournament. The team that wins The Pinnacle Cup will secure $80,0000 while the runner-up will leave the tournament with $20,000.

The Pinnacle Cup - Participating teams

There are 32 teams participating at The Pinnacle Cup. 16 teams will compete in the Qualifiers, 12 teams are automatically invited into the Swiss stage, and four are invited to the Playoff stage.

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