Oct 12, 2018
Oct 12, 2018

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 preview

What is the BLAST Pro Series?

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 odds

Learn more about the top contenders

Analysing others in the BLAST Pro Series odds

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 preview

It has been a year since the last Copenhagen BLAST Pro Series and it is starting again on November 2, where six teams will compete for their share of $230,000. Who has remained on point since Istanbul? Could there be another upset like last year? Read on for our preview of the event.

Quick recap: What is the BLAST Pro Series?

On November 2, BLAST will be bringing the best teams from around the world to compete in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The tournament is once again split into three stages: Group Stage, Pro Standoff and Grand Final. The Group stage will be Bo1 (best of one), and the Grand Final will be Bo3 (best of three).

The PRO Standoff will be a series of 1 vs. 1’s where the third-place team will pick a team that finished between fourth and sixth to battle it out on the BLAST Aim Map. The winning team of the Standoff will take home $20,000, while the winner of the overall tournament will take home $125,000.

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 odds

Here’s how the odds look for the outright winner of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018:

BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 odds

Teams Odds*
Astralis 1.69*
Na'Vi 5.40*
MiBR 7.09*
FaZe 9.09*
NiP 12.91*
Cloud9 28.00*

Learn more about the top contenders

Bettors can keep in mind, that all of these teams either competed at BLAST Istanbul or competed at ESL: New York 2018. The article is going to focus on their performance over the last few months and year. Our recap of BLAST: Istanbul will help inform your betting this time around.

The home team (and fan favourites) Astralis. They won the FACEIT Major last month, they won Istanbul, and at ECS they defeated fellow competitors NiP convincingly.

This year alone, Astralis have played 244 maps, won 173, drawn one and lost only 70. They have also won 22 times in a row on Nuke and that is an incredible statistic to have as a team.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate how on fire MiBR have been - they might be a young team but they’ve been performing incredibly well.

All members from MiBR have participated in 64 maps (except Tarik, 55) and out of the 64 maps, they’ve won 41 of them, averaging a 75%-win rate on Inferno, 71 on train and 64 on Cache. MiBR’s quality across the map pool makes them a real threat to win the tournament.

It’s also important not to forget the ex-SK members on MiBR had success at BLAST in Copenhagen last year where they defeated Astralis.

Na’Vi they didn’t have the greatest of times at ESL One: New York, going with one win and two losses in the Group Stage. One redeeming factor for Na’Vi is that none of those teams, except FaZe, are coming to BLAST.

As a team, Na’Vi seem to have a fairly solid line up. Finishing as runners-up at the London Major (against Astralis) and winning ESL One: Cologne 2018 and CS:GO Asia 2018,means they will be considered very strong contenders for BLAST.

Analysing others in the BLAST Pro Series odds

The bumpy ride appears to be continuing for Cloud9. We can’t keep referencing their success at ELEAGUE Major: Boston as since then, their performance has been very poor. Istanbul was more understandable, Flusha had joined them only days before and didn’t have enough time to sync with the team. He, along with GOLDEN, is trying to bring back the Cloud9 that used to strike fear into their opponents.

MiBR have participated in 64 maps (except Tarik, 55) and out of the 64 maps, they’ve won 41 of them

FaZe had a really unfortunate time in New York. They lost both of their matches to teams that they shouldn’t have lost to and their team captain - karrigan - announced he was coming off social media.

The year hasn’t been all doom and gloom for FaZe and statistically, they are a strong team (they have over 50%-win rate during the pistol on the majority of their maps).

It’s hard to predict how Ninjas in Pyjamas are going to perform in Copenhagen. Against the heavy hitters they’ve struggled, but they did do well at Istanbul, coming in third place after winning the Pro Standoff. The year for NiP hasn’t been the best, 210 maps played, 116 wins, two draws, 92 losses.

Lekro should now have settled into NiP as captain and the team should have had enough time to synergise with him as well, BLAST could be another good time for them to show that they can push the bigger teams around.

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