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II 18, 2021

LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

What are the League of Legends LEC and LCS?

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Power rankings

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Power rankings

LCS and LEC 2021 Power rankings

The LCS & LEC are the two premiere franchised leagues in Western League of Legends, we analyse both each week in our LCS & LEC Power rankings.

What are the LEC and LCS?

The League of Legends European Championship and the League of Legends Championship Series are the game’s European and North American domestic leagues.

Each league features 10 teams and is played over two “Splits” (Spring and Summer). At the end of each Split, the top teams qualify for the Playoffs which will decide the eventual champion. The top teams from each division will eventually battle it out in playoffs in hopes of qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year, the World Championships.

Find more information about the LCS & LEC here.


LCS 2021 Spring odds

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on the 19 February 2021 in the LCS 2021 Spring split. Find our dedicated section to the LCS here.

LCS 2021 Week 3 Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)


Team Liquid (1.13*)


Cloud9 (1.16*)


100 Thieves (1.62*)

4 (+2)

Team SoloMid (1.86*) 

5 (-1)

Evil Geniuses (1.96*) 

6 (-1)

FlyQuest (1.50*) 

7 (+2)

Dignitas (4.51*)

8 (-1)

Immortals (2.06*)

9 (-1)

Golden Guardians (6.26*) 


Counter Logic Gaming (5.36*) 

The second week of the LCS shook things up a bit, as some teams found a great patch of form while others surprisingly struggled.

Team Liquid had a difficult set of fixtures and crumbled under the pressure of the intense competition. The Lock-In champions secured a routine win over Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) but then played poorly against 100 Thieves and Team SoloMid (TSM).

Last week we said we’d give TSM a chance to prove themselves after a disastrous opening week, and they took that opportunity with both hands. We finally got to see the full potential of the squad as they beat Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, and Immortals in three very clean and convincing wins. The roster appears to be figuring out their own style and approach, as Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon stuck to tankier champions while young ADC Lawrence "Lost" Hui began to show a bit more confidence.

100 Thieves’ 5-1 record sees them tied at the top alongside Cloud9 following a very impressive start to the year. The squad are certainly title contenders but fans shouldn’t get too carried away, considering four of those wins came against FlyQuest, CLG, Dignitas, and Evil Geniuses who have all been very inconsistent.

Speaking of Evil Geniuses’ inconsistency, the team managed to hand Cloud9 their first loss of the season in an incredibly dominant performance, before bewilderingly losing to both Immortals and Dignitas.

And what a week it was for Dignitas. The young team turned up in top form as they brushed past Immortals, Golden Guardians, and Evil Geniuses in results that could be crucial in the run-up to the LCS Mid-season Showdown. Mid-laner Max "Soligo" Soong had an impressive 8/1/8 performance on Zoe against Evil Geniuses but a lot of credit needs to go to veteran Support Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black, who silenced his doubters with a brilliant game on Tahm Kench and two strong showings on Thresh.

And finally, we have to mention CLG, who finally earned a win thanks to a monstrous Aatrox performance from Finn “Finn” Wiestal against Golden Guardians. However, we’ve kept CLG down at the bottom of our rankings for now, considering Golden Guardians have impressed in earlier weeks and CLG are still without their full roster.

What to expect from the LCS 2021

CLG will have a chance to build on their first win and move away from the bottom of our rankings, as Mad “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen has finally secured his visa. While it will, of course, take a while for him to find his place on the team, his addition will certainly be a morale boost to the squad and we all know the level of performance he is capable of.

Elsewhere, Team Liquid will have a chance to redeem themselves with a crucial match against Cloud9, who will be looking to establish themselves as the top team in the league.

And we’ll also see if TSM can maintain their strong form with tough matches against 100 Thieves and Dignitas. Dignitas will also have to take on Cloud9 in an extremely difficult set of fixtures, but they have nothing to lose and could surprise us if they continue their momentum from last week.

Find a full list of odds for the LCS 2021 here.


LEC 2021 Spring

The odds below represent the head-to-head matchups for teams on Friday 19 February in the LEC 2021 Spring. Find our dedicated section to the LEC here.

LEC 2021 Spring Week 5 Power Rankings & Predictions


Teams (Odds*)


G2 Esports (1.12*)


Rogue (1.33*)


Fnatic (1.21*)


Schalke 04 (1.64*)


MAD Lions (1.59*)


Excel Esports (2.38*)


SK Gaming (2.27*)


Misfits Gaming (3.37*)

9 (+1)

Astralis (.37*)

10 (-1)

Team Vitality (4.51*)

It has been another week without much movement in our LEC rankings, but that’s because things are still incredibly close between the teams. That doesn’t mean, however, that we didn’t learn anything from last week’s action.

G2 vs. Rogue was one of the most entertaining matches of the season so far, as Rogue impressively held on for nearly 50 minutes. While Rogue still have some way to go, it’s clear that they will be able to challenge G2 and Fnatic this year.

Schalke were in red-hot form following a four-game winning streak, which included victories over Rogue and G2, who were both undefeated at the time. Yet, in a result that was just as exciting as those aforementioned two, Schalke surprisingly collapsed in their match against bottom-of-the-table Astralis.

The team made some poor engage attempts in the early-game and all credit goes to Astralis, who took full advantage and punished those mistakes. It was a dream debut for Felix "MagiFelix" Bostrom, who had a chance to show his infamous mechanical talent with a superb double kill in a 2v1 fight. However, Astralis couldn’t continue that winning form as they fell to Misfits, who were also in dire need of a win, while breaking the LEC record for the biggest gold deficit at 15 minutes.

Elsewhere, it wasn’t such a good debut for Jus "Crownshot" Marusic, as Team Vitality failed to register a win once again. The team’s poor shot-calling was highlighted once again, as Excel managed to backdoor the team while they attempted to take down Infernal Soul - a scenario that has now become all too familiar for Vitality fans.

Things are still looking up for Excel, who held their own against Fnatic, at least until the game was forced into a remake - though it was later revealed that Fnatic were in a very good position to win that original game too, but it wasn’t broadcast live due to the 15-minute delay. Still, Excel look like a team that understand their weak points and have a clear understanding of how they want to play, which is invaluable during this early stage of the season.

Yet, we’ve kept MAD just above Excel for now because they also fought well during their win over Schalke. The skill ceiling of the team is abundantly clear but the team and its individual members are repeatedly making really basic errors and, ultimately, that will hold them back. But at the same time, those mistakes are easy to fix so I hope to see improvement from the squad in the coming weeks.

And finally, SK Gaming have continued to be consistently inconsistent - both winning and losing a game every week. Again, they clearly have potential and Mid-laner Ersin "Blue" Goren showed glimpses of his strengths last week, but the team will have to do more to finish in the top six.

What to expect from the LEC 2021

Moving past the halfway mark, this is going to be a pivotal week for Schalke, who face stern challenges against SK and G2 in a bid to recover from last week’s horror show.

And if you’re looking for entertainment, you’ll certainly want to tune in for Fnatic vs. MAD Lions, which will undoubtedly be yet another bloody affair.

Find a full list of odds for the LEC 2021 Spring here.

* Odds are subject to change.

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