Apr 17, 2018
Apr 17, 2018

The best Overwatch Twitter accounts to follow

Which are the best Overwatch Twitter accounts to follow?

How can Twitter assist your Overwatch betting?

The best Overwatch Twitter accounts to follow

As Overwatch is regularly updated, betting on it without having up-to-date information is difficult. Following the best Twitter accounts will provide you with essential data that can be the difference between winning and losing a bet. What are the best Overwatch Twitter accounts to follow? Read on to find out.


The official Twitter for Overwatch posts game updates and retweets articles and videos from various accounts. Patches can alter a game’s mechanics, and the debuting of new characters can modify team compositions so having access to this kind of information is an essential part of making informed betting decisions.

Interviews with casters and character artists grant bettors insight into how the game is made and played by the professionals. It is interesting to see the game from an alternative perspective and enhancing your knowledge with this kind of information will be beneficial when betting on Overwatch.


The @OverwatchLeague Twitter is the official account of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League (OWL). Stat breakdowns, information, highlight clips and schedules are just a sample of what this account produces on a regular basis. If you wish to bet on Overwatch, following this account is vital.

Before a match starts, a link to the stream will be posted, ensuring you will not miss any of the action. Highlight clips also give bettors a chance to catch up on previous games they were unable to see - finding out what happened in a previous game and why will help with future analysis. Anything that will help you develop a deeper level of analysis into a player’s performance is important for betting on Overwatch.


Logix (Andreas Berghmans) was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few of our questions about what it’s like to play Overwatch for a living. This first-hand knowledge can help bettors understand why individual players perform to a higher standard in one situation compared to another - something that can be implemented when betting on an Overwatch tournament or individual matches.

@FM_Logix often streams himself playing on Twitch (a streaming platform), giving bettors the chance to see how he prepares for crucial matches. This unique insight also allows viewers to see how Logix’s practice is going and find out more about the psychological preparations necessary to succeed in eSports.


The Afterwatch is a comprehensive account consisting of news from across the Overwatch globe, including forecasts for upcoming matches. Afterwatch reporters are on-site for all games, utilising inside info to help make their predictions.

In addition to their own content, they will regularly retweet news from other Twitter accounts, which makes @TheAfterwatch an invaluable page for bettors to follow and read before a match starts to obtain insight that could be the difference between winning and losing a bet.


Part of the USA Today Sports Media Group, this account posts links to breakdowns of all Overwatch matches. The in-depth analysis provided by this account contains vital information and is perfect for bettors who lack the time required to watch entire games.

Polls posted on their Twitter account enable people to vote for who they believe will win a match and although bettors should be making their own decisions when betting on Overwatch, having an idea of what others people think is still interesting. Interviews with players, videos and retweets from other sources can also found on this Twitter.


The @OWLRecap Twitter is the home of the weekly Overwatch League recap podcast, providing summaries of matches, analysis, interviews and more. Perfect for a bettor on the move, the links posted on this account enable you to listen to a clear and concise summary of the previous week of the Overwatch League. The podcasts include roster changes, game updates and thoughts on the upcoming matches.


The Akshon Esports website (found through a link on their Twitter) is home to coverage of many eSports, including Overwatch. Their mission is to provide readers with information on trending topics, players, teams, events and much more. Due to the amount of data outlined on their Twitter and website, following this account will be beneficial for all levels of Overwatch bettors.

The Akshon reporters are on-site at the Overwatch League, speaking to players, obtaining in-depth interviews that give their followers an idea of how players are feeling both before and after games. An emotional player fresh off a loss provides information otherwise not released and this can be really helpful when betting on eSports.


TuTu is a commentator for the Overwatch League and incredibly active on Twitter. Apart from retweeting relevant statistics from other accounts, she interviews professional Overwatch players in English and Chinese.

Becoming an official OWL caster in 2018, @ChiXiaoTu_OW attends every OWL match and is, therefore, privy to far more information than a bettor is at home. First-hand insight is always valuable when betting on Overwatch and TuTu shares it with her followers on regular basis.


@Overwatchscore aim to deliver news, streams, interviews and editorials on everything associated with the OWL. Their game summaries are useful as they are broken down into bite-sized pieces, making it easy for bettors to find any relevant information.

inarticle-ow-5.jpg is Overwatch’s equivalent to CSGO’s Featuring all of the latest news, upcoming matches and events, discussion threads, live streams, and detailed stats from each player in every OWL match, if you want to be successful at betting on Overwatch then following this account will certainly be beneficial.

Given how quickly things can change in Overwatch, being fully immersed in the scene is imperative if you want to get an edge over the bookmaker. Although some bettors may struggle to dedicate the time required to keep up to date with all the latest developments, the accounts listed above are a great place to ensure you have access to all the information that will help you make more informed betting decisions.

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