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League of Legends predictions

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LEC predictions - League European Champions predictions

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves Playoffs predictions

Fnatic vs Origen Playoffs predictions

League of Legends predictions

Inform your League of Legends predictions ahead of this week’s LCS and LEC matches with insight from Pinnacle’s odds alongside news and analysis.

LEC & LCS 2020 Spring Regular Season

For the remainder of the LEC & LCS 2020 Spring Regular season and Playoffs, due to the on-going global health situation, the matches will be played in an online format and not on LAN which may uniquely influence the performance of each team.

LEC 2020 predictions

Fnatic vs. Origen predictions

Fnatic vs. Origen odds





Undoubtedly the most anticipated match in round one of the LEC Spring 2020 Playoffs, joint-second place Fnatic and Origen will battle it out in a Best-of-Five (Bo5) set to determine who will move one step closer to the Spring split championship.

Fnatic ended the Regular season as the strongest team in the LEC from a macro-perspective. They ranked 1st for Gold Difference at 15 Minutes ([email protected]) with +1343,  and Dragon control rate (DRG) at 72%, 3rd for Baron control rate (BRN) at 61%. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson led Fnatic from the bottom lane throughout the split finishing on a spectacular 10.1 Kill-Death-Assist ratio (KDA) which is the highest in the league.

As indicated by the odds, Origen is at a slight disadvantage in this matchup and doesn't boast the breath of strong in-game statistics that their opponents have. For the LEC Spring 2020 Regular season, the team ranks 1st for BRN at 77%, Herald control rate (HLD) at 68% and overall team KD at 1.59. Barney “Alphari” Morris was the catalyst for Origen throughout the split with an impressive ability to suppress his Top lane opponents within the game for statistics like experience (XP), creep score (CS) and gold.

Bet: Fnatic vs. Origen

G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions predictions

G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions odds

G2 Esports

MAD Lions



The reigning champions G2 Esports will face off against MAD Lions in their opening match of the LEC Spring 2020 Playoffs as they seek to add another trophy to their collection.

G2 Esports finished 1st place in the Regular season on a 15-3 record losing out to Schalke 04, Misfits and MAD Lions. Behind Fnatic, G2 Esports was 2nd place for [email protected] with +1136, DRG at 69% and KD at 1.51. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski who is a probable contender for Spring split MVP, is the foundation upon which G2 Esports has based many of its strengths with the Jungler generating a First blood participation (FB) of 63%, the highest among the players in the LEC.

Finishing a commendable 4th in the Regular season, MAD Lions could have a difficult match against G2 Esports especially over a Bo5 set. For the Regular season, the Lions were 2nd for BRN at 74%, 3rd for DRG at 62% and 9th for [email protected] at -906. Such a poor showing for the [email protected] statistic indicates a poor performance within player-to-player matchups but a good showing on BRN and DRG indicates a positive understanding of macro strategy. MAD Lions’ Support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser will be the player to watch as he has a 76.9% Kill participation (KP) within his team.

Bet: G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions

Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue predictions

Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue odds

Misfits Gaming




Misfits Gaming and Rogue continue their battle in the Playoffs representing the 5th and 6th seed respectively.

Misfits ended their Regular season on a 10-8 record with a notable win against G2 Esports. Their in-game statistics are reflective of where they finished in the LEC, sitting in the middle of the league for DRG at 49%, BRN 50.2% and [email protected] at +129. Their form in the 2020 Spring split is a marked improvement on their abysmal 2019 Summer split where they finished 9th and this can largely be attributed to the addition of Dan Dan, Razork and Bvoy to the team.

Finishing just below Misfits, Rogue ended their Spring split on a 9-9 record with the majority of their wins against opponents in the middle and bottom half of the LEC standings. Despite their poor performance against opponents in the top five in the league, Rogue had an impressive Spring split from a macro-perspective. The team were 4th for [email protected] at +741, DRG at 49% and team KDA of 1.21. Marksman Steven “Hans Sama” Liv who was previously on the Misfits roster will be the player to watch from Rogue if they are to find success in this Bo5 match.

Bet: Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue

LCS 2020 predictions

Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves predictions

Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves odds


100 Thieves



LCS leaders Cloud9 are challenged by 100 Thieves this weekend as both come within reach of claiming the Spring split championship.

With an almost flawless LCS Spring 2020 Regular season, Cloud9 enter the Playoffs with a 17-1 record only dropping a game to Team SoloMid. Unsurprisingly, C9 hold 1st place in [email protected] of +2548, DRG at 82% and BRN at 94% with all three statistics well above the league average. Marksman Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is the driving force within the team and is a front-runner to claim the Spring Split MVP title with his astonishing 15.5 KDA.

100 Thieves have been on a steady incline since their struggles in the first five weeks of the Spring split but remain at a deficit when it comes to their macro strategy. Within the Regular season of the LCS, 100T was 7th for [email protected] at -549 and BRN at 38% and 4th for DRG at 49% which matches poorly against a more disciplined team like Cloud9.

Bet: Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves

FlyQuest vs. Evil Geniuses predictions

FlyQuest vs. Evil Geniuses odds


Evil Geniuses



FlyQuest fight Evil Geniuses in round one of the LCS Spring 2020 Playoffs as both teams hunt for their first opportunity of claiming a trophy.

The Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson promised that the brands’ reentry into League of Legends would be to compete for championships and in their current form EG are on track to achieve this goal. Written off early in the split by many analysts citing cohesion issues, the team have rallied in the latter half to finish 2nd place in the Regular season.

This performance is supported by a strong execution of macro strategy with the team finishing 2nd for DRG at 66% and BRN at 58%, their [email protected] was disappointing however at +124. Marksman Bae “Bang” Jun-sik has seen a renaissance in form claiming 2nd place for KDA at 11.1 and Damage per minute (DPM) at +598.

Claiming 4th at the end of the Regular season, FlyQuest will be happy with the improvements they made over the Spring split after finishing 9th in the previous year. While the team have made it to the Playoffs, their in-game statistics are in line with the league average with a [email protected] of -415, DRG at 49% and BRN at 44%. If FlyQuest are to be competitive against EG the synergy between Mid-laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and Jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen will be crucial in the Bo5.

Bet: FlyQuest vs. Evil Geniuses

Team SoloMid vs. TBD predictions

Team SoloMid vs. TBD odds

Team SoloMid




Sitting in the lower-bracket of the Playoffs, Team SoloMid will face the loser of Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves.

According to the odds its likely that TSM’s opponent will be 100 Thieves and on that basis should favour the former LCS champions. Whilst they finished 5th in the Regular season, they secured 2nd place for [email protected] at +562, DRG at 48% and BRN 48%.

Team SoloMid has consistently been in the top three teams when they make it to the Playoffs in the LCS since 2017 and its expected that they will do the same in this instance.

Bet: Team SoloMid vs TBD

Golden Guardians vs. TBD predictions

Golden Guardians vs. TBD Gaming odds

Golden Guardians




Finishing on a 9-10 record, Golden Guardians are the dark horse in the Playoffs as their form has fluctuated throughout the split.

Like many battling in the middle of the standings during the Regular season, GG’s in-game statistics are in line with the league average with a [email protected] at -233, DRG at 34% and BRN at 40%.

The team have been alternating between their starting and substitute Support player Keith and Huhi throughout the split eventually settling on the latter for the last few games of the Spring split.

Bet: Golden Guardians vs. TBD

League of Legends odds

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