Before you place your first esports bet, you'll need to deposit money into your Pinnacle account. We've outlined how to get through the fast and easy process below.

Before you place your first esports bet you’ll need to deposit money into your Pinnacle account. We’ve outlined how to get through the fast and easy process below.

If you haven't already signed up for a Pinnacle account, it’s important to note that the currency you select during sign up will define what payment options you’ll be able to use. Head to our Payment Options page to see what deposit and withdrawal options are available for each currency.

Making a deposit

Once you have signed up, log into your Pinnacle account and head to the “Deposit/Withdraw” link in the menu bar. 


When the page above loads, you’ll notice two lists – one with Deposit methods, the other with Withdrawal methods. These are the payment options available for your currency.


There are four different types of payment option: transfers, cards, eWallets and vouchers. Each type has a unique page layout for depositing funds (remember, not all payment types will be available for your currency). We've discussed how each type of payment option works below:


The bank transfer pages may seem intimidating, but they're really quite easy to use. Simply take Pinnacle’s payment information from the first part of the page, then contact your bank and instruct them to send funds to that account. This can also be done via internet or telephone banking.

When making the bank transfer, it’s important that you include a reference. Include your Unique Reference Number as well as your complete name, bank account number and address. 

Once you have made the payment, use the form at the bottom of the page to submit information about the transaction to our systems. This way we can look up your deposit on our systems and match it to your account. 


eWallets are one of the simplest methods for funding your Pinnacle account. Simply enter your amount to deposit, as well as your eWallet information, and your account will be instantly funded.

Remember, you’ll need funds in your eWallet to be able to transfer money to Pinnacle.


When making a first deposit with a credit or debit card, we need some information for security to protect customers and prevent fraud. We require three pieces of information (per card) in order to allow you to deposit; a scan of your credit card, a scan of valid photo ID (Passport, Driver's License or National ID Card and a completed Card Authorisation form.

We only need you to submit this information via our secure upload service once – after that you’ll be able to refund with the same card instantly. You’ll be taken to the secure form page when you try to make a credit or debit card deposit for the first time. 

This may seem arduous, but we feel it improves the security of bettors and helps prevent identity fraud, which are both priorities at Pinnacle. 

After your card is verified, simply follow the steps online to deposit.