Winners are Welcome

Successful players sharpen our odds

It's a dirty secret of many of our competitors that if players are consistently profitable, they may start to find their stakes severely limited, or in many cases, their accounts closed.

Not at Pinnacle, we welcome winners.

Our policy

Our Winners Welcome policy is very straight-forward. We do not limit, discriminate or close accounts of successful players, and here is why:

  • Our business model is focused solely on maximising volume irrespective of whether this is generated from profitable players
  • We need sharp players to help tighten our odds as we do not take positions
  • We have the confidence in our traders to focus on managing odds, not players


Highest limits

In order to maximise player volume, and maintain a healthy business, we offer the highest bet limits online, illustrated by our commitment to accept $1million bets on the final of the 2014 World Cup.

Crucially players can bet at the maximum limit, wait just a few seconds, then rebet for the same amount, to build almost unlimited positions. Our limits are the same for everyone – we do not discriminate. This guarantees market liquidity, one key reason why we offer better value then exchanges. Learn more here.

If you are a small stakes player you may feel that $1million limits aren’t relevant to you, but they are. With players trusting to bet that amount of money with us, you can rest assured your more modest sums are equally safe, and no less important to us.


As already mentioned our Winners Welcome policy means that our focus is on volume, and beyond abiding by our General Rules, the particular motivation behind bets doesn’t concern us – Arbitrage included. This means that Pinnacle are unique in operating an Arbitrage Friendly approach.

We are happy to accept Arbitrage players, and even explain how the principle of Arbitrage works.

Educating bettors

Educating our players is a very important part of our unique approach to bookmaking. We feel the more players that understand how bookmakers work, and are therefore able to identify the best value odds, the more likely they are to bet with Pinnacle.

Read our educational betting articles here.

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Highest Limits

Bet more at Pinnacle than any other bookmaker


Better Than An Exchange

Our odds provide better value than exchanges


Arbitrage Friendly

We are the only bookmaker to welcome Arbitrage bets


In-depth Betting Articles

We take a unique approach to educating our customers about betting.