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  • Mats Wilander

    Mats Wilander


    Mats Wilander is a former professional tennis player and Pinnacle’s brand ambassador. During a 16...

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  • Sascha Thomsen

    Sascha Thomsen

    Head of Analytics

    Sascha is the Head of Analytics at Pinnacle. Coming from a maths and BI background, he is trying to ...

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  • Marco Blume

    Marco Blume

    Director of Trading

    Marco is Director of Trading at Pinnacle. While much of risk-management within the modern bookmaker ...

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  • Benjamin Cronin

    Benjamin Cronin

    Strategy & Statistics

    Benjamin studied English with Creative Writing (BA) before pursuing a career that combined his love ...

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  • Chris McCarthy

    Chris McCarthy


    Chris studied Media and Sports Journalism at The University of Leeds before finding a career that un...

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  • George Taylor

    George Taylor

    Soccer & Specials

    After studying Journalism with Media (BA) at the University of Portsmouth, George joined Pinnacle...

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  • Luke Petty

    Luke Petty


    Luke studied Economics at The University of Exeter before embarking on a career that combines two...

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  • Dan Weston

    Dan Weston


    As an analyst and trader specialising in tennis, Dan uses statistical analysis to research and write...

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  • Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    NFL & Soccer

    Having graduated with a degree in Chemistry, Mark embarked on a career with a major UK brewery. Howe...

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  • Dominic Cortis

    Dominic Cortis

    Strategy & Statistics

    Dominic is a lecturer at The University of Malta. He is an associate actuary and his research focuse...

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  • Joseph Buchdahl

    Joseph Buchdahl

    Professional betting

    Joseph is a betting analyst who manages the website, providing historical re...

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  • Joe Peta

    Joe Peta

    Baseball & Strategy

    Joe is a former Wall Street trader and author of the bestselling non-fiction memoir, Trading Bas...

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  • Andrew Beasley

    Andrew Beasley


    Andrew's career may have mysteriously taken him from earning a degree in Media to working for a bank...

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  • Guest Contributor

    Guest Contributor

    Invited Authors

    Do you think you could write an 800-word article that adds even more value to Betting Resources?

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