Better than an Exchange

We don't charge commission on winnings

Pinnacle offers better value odds than betting exchanges. When you compare our odds with those of exchanges (and add the commission that they charge) we give you better value - so you win more.

Pinnacle vs. Betfair – see a ‘true’ odds comparison

When you make a basic comparison of Betfair’s odds adjusted for 5% commission on winnings against Pinnacle gross margins it is clear who offers you better value.


No commission – what you see is what you get

With Pinnacle’ odds, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden charges on winnings, unlike at exchanges, which charge up to 5% on winnings after markets are settled.

Guaranteed liquidity – be sure to get your bet

Another big drawback of exchanges is the lack of liquidity – the amounts available to bet. With exchanges, liquidity is simply a reflection of the number of ‘layers’, i.e. people who want to offer odds.

These diminish in proportion to market popularity and mean that you might not be able to bet as much as you want. The liquidity also impacts market efficiency and ultimately, limited liquidity means even worse odds.

Pinnacle offers the highest betting limits in the industry. These are clearly stated and the same for all customers, while you're also allowed to re-bet as many times as you like. Learn more.

Winners welcome – we don’t levy charges on successful players

The big kicker for profitable Betfair users (who have managed to make money in spite of paying commission and suffering a lack of liquidity) is that they might then face a Premium Charge on profits.

Pinnacle take a different approach, acknowledging that we need successful players to help us sharpen our odds, and therefore we welcome winning players.

Getter better odds than an Exchange
No commission or hidden Premium Charges
A few more reasons why you'll love Pinnacle


Highest Limits

Bet more at Pinnacle than any other bookmaker


Better Than An Exchange

Our odds provide better value than exchanges


Arbitrage Friendly

We are the only bookmaker to welcome Arbitrage bets


In-depth Betting Articles

We take a unique approach to educating our customers about betting.