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Independently rated no.1 for payouts

Pinnacle consistently offer the best value odds online, which is why we are independently rated no.1 for payouts, giving you the biggest possible return for your bets.

Offering you the best value odds isn’t a special offer promotion, it is central to our philosophy as a bookmaker. Watch our ‘best odds’ video to learn more about this unique approach and why it is so important for bettors.

Rated no.1 for payouts

Because Pinnacle offer the best odds online our bettors get the biggest payouts. Don’t just take our word for it, we are independently rated no.1 for payouts by one of the internet’s largest odds comparison sites* against more than 50 other leading competitors.


No.1 for soccer payouts

We know our customers love Soccer, so we squeeze as much value as we can into our odds for all the major leagues producing the highest possible returns. Unsurprisingly, we are consistently rated no.1 for soccer payouts, so if you want to win more this season open an account now.


*All information sourced from - one of the internet's biggest odds comparison sites - accurate up to July 2015. Payouts calculated from 1x2 odds processed over a 30 day period.

Best value odds – smallest margins

Pinnacle offers the best value because we add the smallest "margin" to our odds. The margin is the hidden cost of placing a bet that many bettors are unaware of (learn more about margins here). Margins are simply the flip-side of payouts.


Most competitive margins

While some comparison sites measure our payouts, others measure our margins, the result is the same – we consistently come out on top. One major independent margin survey** rated us the no.1 bookmaker for four years running.

Margins are expressed as a number above 100%, with 100% meaning that there is a market with no "edge" for the bookmaker or bettor. For major soccer markets like the EPL, our margins are 2% compared to an industry average of 6%.

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** rated Pinnacle the number 1 bookmaker in their margin surveys in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 (no survey in 2014).

A few more reasons why you'll love Pinnacle


Highest Limits

Bet more at Pinnacle than any other bookmaker


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Our odds provide better value than exchanges


Arbitrage Friendly

We are the only bookmaker to welcome Arbitrage bets


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We take a unique approach to educating our customers about betting.