New commission structure live as of 1st October 2017

How much revenue share commission do I earn regarding casino on tiered commission?

All affiliates earn 30% revenue share on their referred player’s casino activity.

What happens if I don’t refer any funded players in a specific month?

This is not an issue as the qualifying period is over 3 months. If you have one poor month, you are able to rely on your other positive months to keep you on the relevant tier.

Am I still able to withdraw my commission multiple times per month?

Commissions are paid once a month but withdrawals can be made multiple times throughout the month. Your first withdrawal is free however withdrawals after that are chargeable.

What if a player has been moved manually to my account, will he count as a funded sign up?

If a player has been manually tagged to your account, they will count as a funded sign up the next time they deposit.

How am I able to see which tier I am on how much % commission I’m earning?

You can calculate which tier you are on by running a report for the previous 3 months. The first deposit count for the 3 months combined indicates the number of new depositing players you have referred that count towards the revenue tiers.

Have there been any changes to the banking fees?

All affiliates are still charged 30% of the banking fees incurred by their referred players’ activity.

Are there any minimum player requirements to withdraw my commissions?

You need to have referred 5 depositing players over the lifetime of your affiliate account in order to withdraw your commissions.

Can I have a flat 30% revenue share commission?

Our commission structure has been designed to allow affiliates who are consistently referring new depositing players through to Pinnacle to earn more. This dynamic rewarding scheme is to replace any previous static revenue share commission structures.

Do all affiliates start on 30% revenue share?

Yes. All affiliates start on 30% revenue share for 3 full months whilst on our tiered revenue structure. After this, they move onto the tier relevant for them based on the number of funded sign-ups they have referred.

Other than referring players, are there any other requirement to move up a tier?

No, there aren't any other requirements than referring the minimum amount of funded sig ups over a period of 3 months in order to move up a tier. 

How many players do I need to refer to stay on revenue share?

On the new dynamic commission structure the more players you refer, the greater the commission you can earn. If you refer at least five (5) funded sign ups over a period of 3 months, you will be earning revenue share commission. 

New Account Questions:

Can I promote Pinnacle™ on more than one website?

Yes, you can. You can also track your websites independently so that you know where you should be focusing your efforts.

How many affiliate accounts can I have?

Affiliates are permitted to have one account.

Do I need a website to join Pinnacle Affiliates™?

In the majority of cases, yes you do. However, as mobile device technology develops we are always open to new and exciting ways of doing business. If you do not have a website, but do have a good idea, you can discuss this with us directly at affiliates@pinnacle.com.

Why should I join Pinnacle Affiliates™?
  • No minimum earnings or new player quotas – 24/7 access to your commission with no minimum earnings requirements, allowing you to control when you receive your commission.
  • Excellent retention and high player value – our focus on low margin pricing and offering the best odds mean that Pinnacle players are loyal, bet often and are high-value players.
  • Multi-currency commission – earn commission in any of our supported currencies so there are no currency exchange charges or exchange rate hassles.
  • Easy withdrawals – we offer a wide range of withdrawal methods: Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, bank transfer and many more.

Join Pinnacle Affiliates™ today and you’ll benefit from promoting a brand that has been a leader in the industry since 1998 and a worldwide reputation for honesty, integrity, fast payouts and always offering the best odds and the highest limits.

Will I be accepted with a website that features ‘pinnacle’ in the domain name?

No, like many other large organisations we do not work with partners that register URLs featuring our trademarked brand name/s, or any variation or misspelling of. This is also against the terms and conditions of the program. Please save yourself the domain name registration fees and choose a URL that does not feature our trademarked brand name. This includes the registration and use of any accounts using our brand name on any social networking sites/services.

How long is your tracking cookie valid for?

30 days based on ‘last click’

When is the affiliate reporting system updated?

The reporting system is updated daily with the previous day’s data at approximately 15:00hrs GMT

Commission Questions:

How can I withdraw my commission?

Commission is paid monthly into your commission account. Please log into your commission account by logging in at www.pinnacle.com with the username AFFxxxx and the matching password. If you don't have a player account, you can withdraw your commission directly from your commission account. If you do have a player account, you will be able to make use of the ATA (Account To Account) transfer and transfer your commission to your player account. From there you can withdraw it via any of the fast and convenient methods listed on our website.

How often do you pay commission?

Commission is paid monthly.

Do you carry-over negative commission balances?

Yes, negative commission balances are not reset. You will not be asked to pay any negative commission balance but you will need to wait until your balance is positive again before a commission withdrawal can be processed.

What is the commission structure for Pinnacle Casino™?

All affiliates earn 30% net revenue on any Casino bets made by their players.

Do you offer master/sub-affiliate commissions?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer master/sub-affiliate commissions.

Existing Account Questions

I have lost my password, what do I do?

If you’ve lost your password of your affiliate account, please click on ‘Lost Your Password?’. If you are not able to receive your log-in details in this way, please send an e-mail to affiliates@pinnacle.com.

Which countries am I not allowed to target?

Please check our Terms & Conditions for the updated list of all our restricted countries. 

Am I allowed to make use of the betting articles which can be found on http://www.pinnacle.com/en/betting-articles?

Yes, you can make use of our betting articles. If you want them to be tagged to your account, please add ?refer=xaff000 at the end of the URL (instead of aff000, your own commission account).

For example; http://www.pinnacle.com/en/betting-articles/betting-strategy/probability-odds-payouts?refer=xaff0000

How can I generate banners and/or text links?

Please log into your affiliate account via www.pinnacle.com/affiliates.

Click on ‘Marketing Tools’ and select ‘Get your ADs’. 


Please select the following details:

-Merchant; don't select anything to get the most results

-Campaign; general


and click on "search"

The available banners/text links will automatically show up on the right side. If you click on the '+' sign, you can see the tracking codes which you need to use to add the banner to your website.

How can I create a deep link which is tagged to my account, to refer visitors to a specific league on the Pinnacle website?

You can make use of the link template below;

http://www.pinnacle.com/?refer=XAFFxxxx&btag=a_[affiliate ID]b_12374c&leagueid=XXXX&periodnumber=0

Don’t forget to update the xcode (xaffxxxx), the affiliate ID and the league ID. You can find your affiliate ID in your affiliate account at www.pinnacle.com/afiliates. The league ID can be found via our API.

Example; http://www.pinnacle.com/?refer=XAFFtest&btag=a_0123b_12374c&leagueid=1740&periodnumber=0

Can I also create a deep link which refers my specific to a specific sport?

Yes, to deep link to a specific sport instead of a specific league, please make use of the link below:

https://www.pinnacle.com/en/odds-list/countries/football?refer=xaffxxxx&btag=a_[affiliate ID]b_12374c

Don’t forget to update the xcode (xaffxxxx) and the affiliate ID. You can change the sport to any other sport like soccer, basketball, hockey etc. Please find the correct names on our website.

Example; https://www.pinnacle.com/en/odds-list/countries/football?refer=xafftest&btag=a_0123b_12374c

How do I create different reports regarding my clicks, banners, registrations, banking fees, commission etc.?

Please log-in to your affiliate account via www.pinnacle.com/affiliates. Click on ‘Reports’ and select the report you would like to generate;


The most detailed information regarding clicks/impressions/registrations etc. can be found in the ‘Net Commission Report’.

Please go to ‘Reports’ and click on ‘Other Reports’. 


How can I generate a banking fees report?

Please go to ‘Reports’ and click on ‘Other Reports’

Select the ‘Affiliate: Banking Fees’ report; 


How do I set up the security question for my commission account?

We're making use of a standard Security Question and Answer. More details can be found in your welcome email.

To personalize your Security Question and Answer, please log-in to your commission account via www.pinnacle.com. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Personal Details’. There you can set up your security question and answer.

Am I allowed to refer friends or family when I have an affiliate account?

No, our affiliates program is designed to refer anonymous traffic. We don’t allow affiliates to refer friends and/or family and earn commission out of their bets.  

How can I change the personal details in my affiliate and commission account?

You are not able to change any personal details yourself. If you would like to update some details, please send an e-mail from the registered e-mail address and let us know which details need to be updated.

How do I transfer my commission from my commission account to my player account?

If you already had a player account when an affiliate account was created for you, an ATA (Account To Account) transfer has been set up for you. To transfer your commission, please log-in to your commission account via www.pinnacle.com and select the Deposit/Withdraw option. 

Next select the ATA - Account to Account Transfer icon. 
Your personal Pinnacle account will be listed in the drop-down menu. Select this account, add the amount of the transfer, enter your password and press the "Submit" button. 

For non-USD transfers, please select the option to charge the currency rate fee to your personal Pinnacle player account.   

The funds will be automatically transferred to your personal account. Once the transfer is complete, you may use your personal account Deposit/Withdraw section to request a withdrawal.  

Our normal withdrawal policies apply. 

Why do I have to pay banking fees?

All affiliates are responsible for 30% of the banking fees that we have to pay. These fees are charged to us by our payment providers for player deposit and withdrawal activity. While deposits are free for players (plus 1 withdrawal per month), processing these transactions comes at a cost to us.

There is a report in the affiliate system that shows you how much your banking fees are. 

Go to ‘Reports’ > ‘Other Reports’ > ‘Pinnacle – Banking Fess Summary’ or ‘Pinnacle – Banking Fees’. (Please also see the question about reports)

Where can I find my commission balance?

You can check your commission balance in both your commission and your affiliate account. 

I have created a new website and I would like to add that URL to my existing affiliate account.

It’s possible to add a new URL as a separate tracking profile to your affiliate account. By using this, you can track from which URL your players are coming from. Please log into your affiliate account via www.pinnacle.com/affiliates and go to ‘My Account’. Click on “Affiliate Tracking Profiles”. There you can add your site Name and Details (the URL). You have to make use of the same Xcode which already has been used for (all your) other site ID(s). 

Can I deposit money into my commission account?

No, it’s not possible to deposit money into your commission account. We also don’t allow affiliates to place bets from your commission account. If you would like to place bets, please open a player account.

I already have an affiliate account, can I still open a player account?

Yes, you are allowed to have a player account next to your affiliate/commission account. Please note, we don’t allow affiliates to earn commission out of their own bets. This means that you have to make sure that you will not register under your own affiliate account. 

If you have trouble opening a player account since the system says you already have an account registered under the same name, email address or other personal details, please send an email to customerservice@pinnacle.com.

What’s the difference between my affiliate account and my commission account?

Your affiliate account can be accessed via www.pinnacle.com/affiliates and in there you can find all our promotional materials.

Your commission account can be accessed via www.pinnacle.com and from there you can withdraw your commission with any of our available payment methods or transfer it to your player account. 

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