Commission Structure

Pinnacle Affiliates offers a highly competitive tiered commission structure that enables our partners to maximise their potential profit. You can earn up to 35% on your players’ net revenue each month!

How does our commission structure work?

The Pinnacle Affiliates commission structure uses a tiered system which means the commission you earn is based on the number of new depositing players you have referred to Pinnacle over a three-month period. Below is a table of Pinnacle’s tiered commission structure.

New Depositing Players over the previous 3 months Revenue Share
25+ 35%
15+ 30%
5+ 25%
0-4 0%

It is important to note that new affiliate partners will earn a 30% commission on net revenue during their first three months with the Pinnacle Affiliate programme. This is regardless of how many depositing players they refer within that period.

After the initial fixed period ends, the commission tier will be calculated based on the amount of new players from the previous three full months. This means the commission tier for the payment you receive on April 1 will be determined by the number of new depositing players referred between January-March; for May 1 it will be from February-April; and so on.

It doesn’t matter what day of the month you join the Pinnacle Affiliate programme; commission payments are always processed on the first day of the month.

Key benefits explained:

  • Automated payments – we have built a reputation for always processing payments on time. We make sure you don’t have to wait for the money you have earnt.
  • No minimum earnings – our low player quotas and high commission offering is made even better by the fact we don’t have any minimum earning requirements.
  • Easy access to your figures – 24/7 access to your player data with no restrictions or hoops to jump through.
  • Multi-currency commission – we support multiple currencies for commission payments so there are no additional charges or exchange rate hassles for you to worry about.
  • Easy withdrawals – we offer a range of withdrawal methods, including all the most popular options. This means you can instantly access to your money in a way that suits you.

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