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helmi 15, 2019

League of Legends Twitter accounts to follow

League of Legends Twitter accounts for esports

Who are the best LoL Twitter accounts to follow for news?

Which Twitter accounts are the best for LoL stats?

Official LoL teams Twitter accounts

League of Legends Twitter accounts to follow

League of Legends (LoL), can be incredibly difficult with the game changing all the time. Following the right Twitter accounts can provide you with vital information which can be the difference between winning and losing a bet. What are the best LoL Twitter accounts to follow? Read on to find out.


League of Legends Twitter accounts for esports


This is the official Twitter account for all things esports in League of Legends. Video clips, facts, insider knowledge, interviews and stats from all the major LoL Leagues (NA + EU LCS, LPK, LPL) are just some of the things that @lolesports can offer.

Before matches begin, the teams and the link to the stream are posted on this account to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the important matches. The detailed interviews with players that are linked on this account can also give you an insight into team dynamics and how the players are in general, including attitude and with regards to their health.


A writer for ESPN, Tyler Erzberger is backstage plenty of events, posting numerous short videos with professional players throughout match days. These can give you a good indication of the mindset and mood of players before and after matches as they can be quite raw, and are clearly not rehearsed.


This official League of Legends account will mostly post patch updates, and retweet important and interesting articles from other Twitter accounts, such as @lolesports. Patch notes can significantly change aspects of the game and having detailed knowledge of them can help guide you to make the right decisions.


The best League of Legends accounts to follow for news


Whilst not entirely dedicated to League of Legends, DotEsports is one of the best-known websites where you can find the latest updates before anywhere else. Dot covers a wide variety of different news stories for LoL from the LCS and LEC, patch notes and general guides on how different game mechanics work within League.


The Leaguepedia claims to be “the #1 source for all things League of Legends esports” and there aren’t many that would argue with that. As well as covering the entire history of LoL over the years, including roster changes, tournament results, and individual achievements, this account features interviews and other interesting information on the tournies.


This is predominantly an account that updates you on the latest goings-on in the world of League of Legends. Roster moves as well as interesting opinion pieces are just some of the things you will find posted in their Timeline.

Patch notes do not give you the whole picture and scanning through them would not make it obvious that, for example, the extremely strong combination of Ryze and Zhonya’s (an item that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds) has been removed.


Which Twitter accounts are the best for LoL stats?


Home to quite possibly the most detailed stats from anywhere on the internet for LoL, @Bynjee not only focuses on the NA and EU LCS, he also has detailed stats for the Chinese and Korean LPK and LCK, as well as the Brazilian CBLOL.

This Twitter account is run by the founder of gamesoflegends.com - a website that contains all the stats a bettor could ever need, including team stats, player stats, champion stats, stats by tournament and much more.


Tim Sevenhuysen is the founder of OraclesElixir, another detailed stats website for all main League of Legends tournaments. The information provided - whether it’s teams or player performances with specific champions - can help you understand team compositions before a match begins.

For example, if a player’s last few performances have been poor on a specific champion which they now play again, it can potentially mean a poor performance is incoming and they could lose the laning phase (where players focus on levelling up). Such is the accuracy of Tim’s stats that even Riot staff members have re-tweeted his posts.


This Twitter account is the home of one of the most popular community sites in LoL. Posting breakdowns on patch notes, statistics and news, the patch breakdowns are especially important as they relay the examples to real champions, explaining exactly what has changed and how it affects them.


Official Twitter accounts for League of Legends teams

European Championship Series - LEC


Having formed in 2014 (after a re-brand from Gamers2) by former professional LoL player Ocelote, the team has seen its mix of growth and success over the years, starting off in what was then called the EU LCS. The team experienced its fair share of success in 2016 and 2017, when they won EU LCS Spring and Summer, and in 2018 when they won Rift Rivals and EU LCS Regional Finals.


Formed around the same time as G2, originally consisting of a League of Legends roster, they were considered one of the more dominant line ups at the time. Now the team has rosters across CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, COD, PUBG, and many more.


After having a quiet period over the 2017 Split and 2018 season, Origen have returned under new ownership, Astralis’ parent company RFRSH Entertainment. This means that now Origen are officially back in the competition for the 2019 Spring Split.

@Excel (Esports)

Excel have come a long way from their UK LoL grassroots environment. Excel gained a spot in the LEC after negotiations with other teams fell through, providing them the perfect opportunity to join as part of the 2019 European franchise program.   

@S04Esports (Schalke 04 Esports)

The second professional sports organisation to sign up a League of Legends roster, Schalke started their journey by buying the roster of Elements in 2016, then started fresh in the 2017 Season, and now are in the 2019 Spring Split.


The journey throughout the years has been interesting for Misfits, having been a team that has surprised many at the start of Split, have lost pace midway through and then surprised once more right near the end. Misfits are a great team to follow as the players are very much in touch with their fan base, more specifically Maxlore being considered one of the friendlier faces within the team.


League Championship Series - LCS


Probably one of the most globally recognisable brands, Team Liquid have proven to be a staple over the years. Having acquired the roster of Team Curse in 2015 and rebranded them to be part of Team Liquid, competing in the now franchised LoL – LCS.


Another team that people should be familiar with when it comes to the LoL esports world is Cloud9. Having won the Esports Organisation of the Year awards in 2018, the organisation, much like Liquid, have branched out to various different esport titles such as, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Overwatch (London Spitfire), and many more.


TSM, much like Cloud9, is a team that people should know as a “house-hold-name” within LoL, having been involved since prior to the Season 1 finals at Dreamhack in Sweden, managing to finish in third place and taking home $10,000. Nowadays, the organisation has been expanding once more into various different titles such as, PUBG, Fortnite, Smash Bros. Melee, amongst others.


One of the newer teams to the block, Golden Guardians are operated by the Golden State Warriors, an NBA team. The team faced a turbulent start to the 2018 Season, with team members being replaced and coaches standing in, as well as controversy around players.


Clutch Gaming are another team that was brought on by a professional sports body, and are operated by NBA team Houston Rockets. Having bought into the LCS (once franchised), Clutch battled their way through the 2018 Spring Playoffs, and ultimately placed higher than both Cloud9 and TSM, finishing in fourth place. Despite this, they fell short during the 2018 Summer season, finishing ninth.

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