Winners are welcome

Winners are welcome
The majority of bookmakers will either ban or severely restrict any customers that are consistently profitable. Not at Pinnacle, winners are always welcome.

Although many bookmakers are happy to accept your bets when you lose, as soon as you start winning they will refuse to let you bet (even if they do it will be for very small stakes). However, Pinnacle is different - no matter how often or how much you win, we will always take your bets. 

How can bookmakers ban winners?

It might seem unfair and unethical but closing accounts or restricting customers who win is completely legal. Just like an insurance company can choose not to cover an asset, a bookmaker can choose not to accept bets. 

The question most people will be asking is; why do bookmakers accept customers and then decide to ban them or limit their account? In short, this is to maximise profit and limit any potential losses - the majority of bookmakers aren’t skilled enough when it comes to risk management to handle customers who know what they’re doing.

Why is Pinnacle different?

In addition to our best value odds and high limits, the fact that winners are welcome at Pinnacle is what makes us so unique. Our business model is based on generating volume - it doesn’t matter if that volume comes from winning or losing customers.

If you consistently make a profit, instead of turning away your business we use it to help set our odds and make sure they accurately reflect the probability of an event occurring.

The level of skill and experience amongst our trading teams means we have full confidence in their ability to manage our odds. Pinnacle customers can bet with confidence knowing that they are getting the best odds online and have the peace of mind that they won’t be banned or restricted.