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Processing Time

  • Transactions are normally processed within 24 hours.
  • Withdrawals over €7,000 (or equal value) may require longer processing times, and international financial regulations may require us to request proof of identification.


  • Pinnacle absorbs all Local Bank Transfer fees for deposits to your Pinnacle account.
  • Each Pinnacle customer receives one free withdrawal per calendar month.
  • Additional withdrawals during that month incur the fee listed in the table above.

Pinnacle makes every effort to ensure our payment processing rules strike a balance between being fair to our customers and free of fees, while also enabling us to keep offering the best value odds online. Whenever possible we absorb transaction fees; however, failure to meet our deposit rollover threshold (three times deposit amount) will incur a 10% processing fee on the withdrawal amount (minimum fee: $20 USD or equivalent), plus any applicable withdrawal fee. Please note that we reserve the right to reject withdrawals if the rollover requirement is not completed.

Important Information

  • If you make a deposit using TOSS, KBANK or any other third party payment applications, your deposit will be declined.
  • The bank wire transfer instructions provided are for bank wire transfers only. They are not valid for Cash, Cheque, ATM, or any other method of funds transfer. Please be aware the use of these instructions to send funds using any method except a bank wire may result in significant delays crediting your deposit.
  • The "Bank Holder Name" you enter must be the same as the name registered to the bank account that you are sending the funds from.
  • You must register your full address in your Pinnacle account, including address, city and postal code.

Making a Deposit

In order to start using our Local Bank Transfer option, you must first register your account with us.

You can register your account by following the deposit instructions and sending 20,000 KRW. These funds will immediately be sent back to the account you register. Once the registration is complete, your transaction limits will increase and you will be able to use the registered account information for all future transactions.

In order to complete the deposit transaction, you will need to deposit the transaction amount into the Beneficiary Bank.

Making a Withdrawal

  1. Log into your Pinnacle account.
  2. Go to the Cashier section of your account and click on the Local Bank Transfer icon in the withdrawal section.
  3. Complete the form and your withdrawal will be forwarded for processing

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