Are you an eSports veteran, but a newbie to betting? Don’t panic. Simply read through our guides to learn what the odds mean, how to place a bet and how to deposit money into your Pinnacle betting account (as well as withdraw if you win).

At Pinnacle, we treat DotA 2, LoL and Starcraft 2 competitions in the same manner as every other sport – with a professionalism that has earned us one of the best reputations in sports betting.

As with the other sports, we offer many types of eSports bet - but the fundamental risks and rewards behind every bet are the same. Customers select an event - in this case an eSports matchup - from our betting menu, decide the amount they want to stake at the available odds and place their bet. If the bet is successful - the selection win - they win money proportional to their bet.

Many players see betting as a way to add excitement to a competition, with the hope of gaining money enhancing the excitement. Others, however, use mathematics, statistical analysis, or their unique knowledge to determine ways of earning a living from betting on events – these people are known as professional bettors. eSports is no different, offering those with the right knowledge of the events and betting know-how, to make potentially significant returns.

When can I bet on eSports?

You can bet on eSports all-year round at Pinnacle with odds for major DotA 2, LoL and Starcraft 2 events. You can see a comprehensive list of the odds we currently have on the site – and a list of future eSports events we’re going to cover – on our dedicated eSports calendar.

eSports betting explained

The best-known form of betting is known as a “match winner” or “moneyline” market. Players choose which team in a match they think is going to win, and bet money on that happening.

For example, imagine Team Liquid and Na’Vi were playing each other. You might think that Team Liquid are going to win the match and that the odds offered represent fair value, and so you bet on them.

In the end, Team Liquid wins, so you gain money from betting. Had they been defeated, however, you would have lost your money. You can learn more about how much money you would win, what odds like 3.250 mean, and about other bet types by reading our eSports Odds Explained article.

Depositing money and ways to fund

Before you place any bets, you’ll need to put money in your account. You can do this – after you’ve signed up – by visiting the deposit/withdrawal page.

You can read a list of our accepted deposit options here. Remember, you can only deposit using the options available for the currency you signed up with, so be careful when choosing your currency during the sign-up process.

Placing an eSports bet

Every online bookmaker has a different system for placing a bet. To learn how to place an eSports bet at Pinnacle, head to our placing your first eSports bet article here.

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