LoL 2015 World Championship - Final betting preview

By Pinnacle Oct 26, 2015
LoL 2015 World Championship - Final betting preview

This year’s League of Legends World Championship has been the biggest yet and viewers and bettors alike have been treated to an incredibly high standard of play. Things are set to reach a climax in the Grand Final this weekend and our eSports expert, Jack Stewart, thinks the result could be a lot tighter than anticipated this weekend.

For the first time since Season 1, the League of Legends World Championship final will consist of two teams from the same region. Korea’s number one and two seeds SK Telecom T1 (1.181) and KOO Tigers (5.200) will clash in Berlin on Halloween.

This confirms that the winning team will be from Korea for the third year in a row, despite the fact that China’s vast riches tempted away an exodus of Korean talent. SKT1 may be huge favourites to lift the Summoner's Cup this weekend but is the script really already written?

Will SKT T1 become the first team to win the world championships twice?

SKT are still undoubted favourites to win the entire tournament after they confidently disposed of Origen 3-0 in the semi-finals in Brussels, Belgium. This now extends SKT’s unbeaten streak, leaving them currently at 12-0 in the tournament.

Infact, SKT have only lost one game since the beginning of the Summer Split. During the semi-final, SKT displayed their dominance by playing substitute mid laner, Easyhoon, in the first two games. They only used star player Faker for the third and consequently final game, while Easyhoon went backstage to win a solo-queue game to continue his win streak.

They are oozing confidence at the moment, in and out of the game, and don’t look like losing anytime soon. They’ve made a habit of winning best of five games 3-0, just like they did against Royal Club when they won the Season 3 World Championships and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

SKT have shown smart drafts and great shotcalling throughout the tournament which is a lethal combination when mixed together with their player’s excellent mechanical skill. As caster and former player Mitch ‘Krepo’ Voorspoels put it: “They’re just so good at this game!”

Can KOO Tigers pile on the pressure and cause a shock?

KOO have reached the final in their first ever World Championship after thrashing the top seed from Europe, Fnatic. Fnatic had been heavily tipped by many to reach the final from the start, especially as they had the advantage of the home crowd. However, KOO stayed strong and totally outclassed them when it really mattered.

The first game of the series could have gone the other way but KOO were able to hold their nerve and comeback from 7,000 gold lead 30 minutes in to win. KOO’s top laner Smeb has been their undisputed best player throughout the tournament and his class really shone again against Huni, who is also a very highly rated top laner.

Smeb on Riven beat Huni on Hecarim in the first game and then in the final game they reversed this matchup, in which Smeb absolutely destroyed on Hecarim going 9/1/7.

KOO are known innovators and you can bet that they’ll have a something special prepared for the final. SKT haven’t revealed any of their backup plans, as of yet, but KOO will be more than capable of dealing with whatever is thrown at them and will push the former champions to their limit.

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