Dec 23, 2016
Dec 23, 2016

Top 5 New Year betting resolutions

Understand how bookmakers make money

Pick a strategy and stick to it

Calculate the optimal stake per bet

Train your brain to win

Top 5 New Year betting resolutions
The New Year is slowly nearing and with the holidays on the horizon this is the perfect time to carry out a health-check on your betting. Do you want consistent winnings from betting? Stick to these five resolutions in the New Year and join the profitable bettors' club.

Resolution  #1: Understand how bookmakers make money

Every bettor is looking for ways to beat the bookie, but how many really know how bookmakers operate? They say, to be able to think outside the box, you need to know the box first. Making money in sports betting is no different.

What methods do bookmakers use to make money? How do they move the odds and why? How can bettors take advantage of that? Find the answers in the article An inside look in the trading room and get one step ahead of the average bettor. A must read for anyone who aspires to bet like a pro.

Resolution  #2: Pick a strategy and stick to it

Benjamin Franklin once said: ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. Although betting is most likely not what one of the Founding Fathers of the United States had in mind, there is no better way to stress the importance of having a betting strategy if you aspire to make money in the sports markets.

With an abundance of strategies out there, all that matters is that you pick one that suits you and you apply it consistently. Here we will mention two simple betting strategies that rank high among professional bettors. 

Hedging outright markets

From the world of finances to casino games, hedging is a key strategy applied across the board by professional bettors as a means of reducing risk and securing winnings. It involves placing bets on different outcomes in order to secure a guaranteed profit irrespective of whether the original bet wins or loses. To find out how it works in practice, go to our guide to hedging outright markets in sports betting. If you bet on tennis, you simply cannot afford to skip this one.

How to bet on Over/Under in three simple steps

With a large number of soccer bettors looking for more profitable markets than 1X2, where a lack of scoring or a late equaliser can turn even the best betting judgments into losing bets, here's a simple guide on how to beat the bookies in the Over/Under goals markets. A must-read for soccer bettors.

Resolution #3: Calculate the optimal stake per bet

Now that you know how bookmakers work and you have decided which betting strategy to go with, how much should you be staking per bet in order to ensure you are profitable? We have reviewed five popular staking methods for you to pick the one that suits your betting style the best and will help keep your bankroll growing. Go straight to Staking: One method to improve you betting and choose your favourite staking method. 

Resolution #4: Train your brain to win

Research has shown that money-making experiences are processed by the brain in the same way as chemically-induced highs, while financial losses are handled as if mortal dangers.

From the world of finances to casino games, hedging is a key strategy applied across the board by professional bettors as a means of reducing risk and securing winnings.

In 1972 Tversky and Kahneman made the world aware of a Nobel-prize worthy discovery; the notion of cognitive biases, systemic patterns of deviation from rationality in judgment.

Psychologists have documented a plethora of such misconceptions. We overestimate heights when looking down, for example, which makes us particularly cautious about falling. This might help our survival but not so much our ability to make objective decisions, as required in betting.

To learn how to train your brain to win, read No more fooled by cognitive bias now. It's guaranteed to blow your mind.

Resolution #5: Do it like the pros

Last but not least, if you want to become a pro in sports betting, you’d better start acting like one. At Pinnacle, we know how important it is to pick the brains of people who have already achieved what one aspires to achieve, for that reason we interview professional bettors and traders directly and get them to share their secrets. 

In Dan Weston’s three top pieces of advice for sports bettors, we are introducing you to the journey of an aspiring accountant who turned to full-time gambling, because he could not find a job.

In Interview with Joe Peta, you will find out how being run over by an ambulance and getting fired from Lehman Brother inspired a Wall Street trader to make a fortune betting on baseball.

Ready to get your betting profits off the ground? Why wait until Next Year? Start now, make it happen!


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