Jan 31, 2017
Jan 31, 2017

Betting Resources top 5 most popular articles of 2016

What were the top 5 most popular Betting Resources articles in 2016

Why did bettors read these articles and what were the benefits?

Betting Resources top 5 most popular articles of 2016
Throughout 2016, the popularity of articles within Betting Resources soared. Written by sports betting experts, ex-traders and renowned authors, these articles have helped educate bettors about various betting strategies, as well as providing informed opinions ahead of major sports events. Read on to find out which of our articles have been the most popular and why.

What is Handicap soccer betting?

Read: What is handicap soccer betting?

One thing that is common amongst a lot of our bettors is that they will use various betting markets as a means to find value - one such market that has become increasingly popular is Handicap betting in soccer. This article provides an easy to understand explanation of what Handicap betting is and a guide on how to do it.

In addition to covering the basics of Handicap betting in soccer and distinguishing the difference between level handicaps, single handicaps and split handicaps, readers are given practical examples to help them understand everything they need to know to start betting on handicaps in soccer.

Staking: One method to improve your betting

Read: Staking: One method to improve your betting

While finding value in the right market is important, bettors wouldn’t have any funds to bet with if they didn’t use the right staking method. As this article explains, how much money you bet is just as important as what you bet on.

This is one of the most popular articles in Betting Resources for multiple reasons. Not only does it outline the different approaches bettors can take in terms of staking, it tests each option and answers the all-important question; which is best?

How to use Kelly Criterion for betting

Read: How to use the Kelly Criterion for betting

As previously mentioned, smart bettors will recognise the importance of using the right staking method. This article has proven to be successful with our readers as it analyses one of the most popular staking methods used - the Kelly Criterion.

Instead looking at what to bet on or the reason to bet on something, this article simply shows bettors how much to bet. In addition to a straighforward explanation of the formulas used, readers can make use of a handy Kelly Criterion calculator that can be applied to a bet. 

How to beat the bookies in the Over/Under market

Read: How to beat the bookies in the Over/Under market

While the Handicap market in soccer betting is becoming more and more popular amongst bettors, the Over/Under market has also seen a vast increase in terms of bet volume. This article offers another simple explanation of how to bet on a particular market - in this case the Over/Under in soccer - and how to find value in the bookmaker’s odds.

Condensed into three managable steps, readers can use this article to calculate the average number of goals in a game across the major soccer leagues in Europe, learn how to calculate the probabilities of goals scored and then determine what odds are worth betting on. 

World Chess Championship betting

Read: World Chess Championship 2016 betting

This may come as a surprise to some bettors, but one of our most popular articles this year was our World Chess Championship 2016 preview. The popularity of this article emphasises the point that numerous bettors are branching out to different sports in order to find even greater value - something encapsulated by the rise of eSports betting in recent years.

In addition to taking the first ever bet on Drone Racing this year, Pinnacle has also seen a major increase in the number of bets taken in several other sports. Handball betting, Bandy betting are two examples of this, with more specialist markets like the US Presidential Election also showing consistent growth.

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