Aug 29, 2014
Aug 29, 2014

What are Casino return to player values?

What is Casino RTP?

Cashback rebate

What are Casino return to player values?

Online casino players probably don't recognise that the rate casino’s payout – the return to player – isn’t standard. To find out which casino offers the best value, they can use a metric called RTP – Return to Player.

What is Casino RTP? 

RTP is a percentage that indicates how often a player will win. The higher the percentage, the more often a player will win in the long run. At 100%, the chances of a player winning are equal to that of the casino. And if the RTP climbs above 100%, it shows that the Casino actually lost money to its customers on that game over the time period concerned.

Players can calculate the Return to Player (RTP) for a casino game by using the following formula:

RTP = (Total amount returned to players) / (Total amount bet by Players)

Total Amount Bet by Players – The sum of each initial bet for each round by each player for the period over which the audit takes place for a specific game (usually one calendar month).


Amount Returned to Player – The net amount the player wins in a round. For table games, the amount bet is not counted in the return, just the net amount won. For slot machines and video poker return, the original bet is forfeited once it is placed. The amount returned to the player is the amount won based purely on the pay table for the game and the result of the round.

As online casinos have greater competition than their bricks-and-mortar counterparts - they compete against a global market, rather than geographical rivals - their RTP should be higher than that of offline casinos – giving players a greater chance to win when playing online. It’s not unusual to see RTPs of 80% in the real world, while most online casinos are upwards of 90%.

RTP is the opposite of the other important casino term, “House Advantage”. While RTP displays a player’s potential winnings, House Advantage displays the opposite – the percentage advantage to the casino – though one is simply the inverse of the other.

Why RTP shows Pinnacle Casino is the best

All reputable casinos should have their RTP displayed prominently for users to see – at Pinnacle, it’s here. This number should be independently verified, so that customers can get a fair representation of their chance of winning.

This isn’t the case at the majority of big name online casinos, which market promotional offers and media tie-ins like branded games instead of RTP. The important thing to understand about this is that RTP is far more important to your chances of winning than an introductory promotion loaded with terms and conditions, while playing a progressive slot featuring the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman will not in any way improve your chances of winning.

High stakes players choose Pinnacle Casino

The unbeatable RTP levels that Pinnacle Casino offers, are important for all casino players, but are something that serious players more than anyone are sensitive to. As Pinnacle Casino also offers some of the highest table limits online, it is the casino of choice for high stakes players.

Independently verified RTP reports highlight Pinnacle's value

Pinnacle uses a company called GLI Test Labs Canada ULC, which performs a comprehensive statistical analysis of the previous month’s game play logs for each game. These results are also available on Pinnacle's Casino website, so you can see exactly how the casino has been paying out over the last twelve months.

Cashback rebate

Pinnacle are a brand known for offering excellent value. Our casino is no different and gives all players a 0.3% cashback on every play, whether you win or lose. *

The cash back rebate program is paid in real time putting 0.3% of your Casino bets win or lose, back into your rebate account within the casino.

This cashback when added to Pinnacle's fantastic RTP makes our Casino an even better deal for customers.

Don't miss out on 33% more rebate for a limited time only

Don't miss out on 33% higher casino rebates.* Pinnacle Casino is offering this massive increase in cashback for a limited time only across the two days of UCL fixtures covering November 4th - 5th.

To take advantage of Pinnacle Sport's Casino RTP and start earning rebate click here to load the Pinnacle Casino.

*Please note that all bets in Craps are excluded from the rebate program.

Betting Resources - Empowering your betting

Pinnacle’s Betting Resources is one of the most comprehensive collections of expert betting advice anywhere online. Catering to all experience levels our aim is simply to empower bettors to become more knowledgeable.