Apr 27, 2020
Apr 27, 2020

What are Virtual sports?

How do Virtual sports work?

Virtual sports betting markets

Virtual sports betting strategy

What Virtual sports are available on Pinnacle?

What are Virtual sports?

Virtual sports are now a common feature of online casinos which allow people to bet on simulated fixtures of popular sports at any time. So what are Virtual sports, how do they work and what markets and sports are available? Read on to find out.

How do Virtual sports work?

Virtual sports run simulated sporting fixtures and events featuring either real life or fictional teams and participants that bettors can place bets on.

Today, many deploy graphics containing visuals modelled on actual stadiums and use commentary and highlight reels to create an immersive experience as if you were watching and betting on the actual sport. All bettors view the same schedule of events and the same outcomes.

Each market and participant in the event is assigned fixed odds, which are used to determine the outcome via an algorithm or random number generator (RNG). Here are some example odds for a virtual soccer match featuring two fictional teams:

Manchester Rovers


London United




This means that Manchester Rovers are 1.37 to win the simulated fixture, London United are 2.90 and the draw is 2.15. While in fixtures involving real life teams and participants the odds may be influenced by the software’s judgement of their actual ability, the outcome is still entirely computer generated.

Virtual sports events involve a few key alterations to their physical counterparts. Most prominently, they are often available to bet on continuously throughout the day with hundreds of events taking place every 24 hours. These all have specified start times, by which all bets on the event must be placed.

They are also much shorter than actual events – for instance, in the majority of virtual soccer games a match does not involve a full 90-minute plus injury time fixture, but a highlights package that is a few minutes in duration. As a result of this, virtual sports bets cannot be cashed out.

Virtual sports betting markets

On most Virtual sports games, bettors can access the majority of markets that would be available for equivalent real life events. Indeed, on virtual soccer games you can not only bet on the outcome of a match, but also on markets including the exact scoreline, Over/Under on goals, Handicap markets and more.

Equally, on virtual horse and greyhound racing games aside from betting on the race winner you can place each way, Forecast and Tricast bets, and on several virtual sports games you can bet on the margin of victory.

Betting on Virtual sports

Perhaps the primary factor where Virtual sports differ from real life sports is within the actual act of betting itself. There is predominantly no degree of strategy that can be applied to Virtual sports betting, meaning there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Virtual sports bettor.

This is because while some online bookmakers and Virtual sports games publish historical results and stats for their events, in many virtual sports games each single event is treated independently.

On top of this, it is important to remember that the outcome is generated by a computer, as opposed to the skill level of the participants, injuries, weather, form or any other component that can impact a sporting event in real life.

Virtual sports betting strategy

Depending on your perspective, the fact that outcomes are entirely computer generated provides either a benefit or drawback. On one hand, you are free to bet absent of concern that you are less informed than other bettors. However, by virtue of the fact that your betting cannot be assisted by information and analysis as per real life, identifying value bets is an arguably impossible task.

However, this does not render the odds for Virtual sports events any less significant. They still translate into who is favoured to win, and for 1x2 markets tools such as Pinnacle’s Margin Calculator can be utilised to calculate the exact probability of a certain competitor winning or outcome occurring (as well as the bookmaker’s margin).

In this sense, betting on Virtual sports is not strictly about whether you think Team A will win or there will be a certain number of points in a simulated fixture, but simply if a specified outcome will occur depending on the probability assigned to it by the odds.

Bet on Virtual sports with Pinnacle Casino

Pinnacle Sports Casino has Virtual sports games for numerous sports, including soccer, greyhound racing, horse racing, and many more.

Head over to Pinnacle Sports Casino’s Virtual sports section now to enjoy our wide array of Virtual sports games!

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