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We have a team of editors and writers at Pinnacle, as well as a collection of external contributors, ranging from university lecturers and renowned authors, to ex-traders and esteemed sports experts. Collectively, the Pinnacle team and external contributors produce the educational content within Betting Resources. 

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Oscar betting vs. sports betting

Our Academy Award markets are open, but betting on the Oscars is nothing like traditional sports markets. Read on to find out the most profitable strategies to win big in these data-heavy betting markets.

UFC Fight Night 103: Analysing the odds movement

On January 15th, the UFC returns to Phoenix, Arizona for the first Fight Night card of 2017, when rising star Yair Rodriguez faces UFC legend BJ Penn. Read on to find out all you need to know before placing your bets.

Finding value bets in the UFC 207

On December 30, Ronda Rousey returns to the Octagon at UFC 207, which is a big deal in its own right, but the undercard makes the night a truly special one. Below, we look at five markets that bettors and MMA fans alike will want to keep a close eye on. Read on to find out.

Can Nunes handle the return of Rousey?

On December 30th, the UFC returns to its Nevada home for its New Years card with Ronda Rousey returning to challenge Amanda Nunes for her UFC women’s Bantamweight Championship. Read on to find out what the odds suggest for the winner of this highly anticipated fight.

How does offseason player movement affect futures betting?

The 2016 World Series belongs to the past and baseball's offseason is in full swing. How has the playoff season shifted since November and what does that mean for bettors? Read on to find out.

How to adjust your baseball betting in 2017

The 2016 MLB playoffs were historic and full of memorable moments. In addition to the entertainment value, the post-season offered hints at changes in approach that can prove profitable in betting going forward. Read on to find out the top three adjustments to consider in your 2017 baseball betting.

Can Pettis cause an upset?

Toronto, Canada, will play host as a much-maligned-but-finally-stable UFC 206 fight card plays out on December 10. Holloway’s aggression will meet Pettis’ penchant for forcing in the Octagon, but who will prevail? Read on to find out.

Bandy betting guide

With the 2017 Bandy World Championship around the corner, how well do you know the sport that also goes by the name 'icy football'? Learn how to bet on bandy and discover the astounding similarities it has with soccer. A must read for those looking for new betting opportunities.

Learn from a Wall Street trader who developed his own betting strategy

We recently reviewed ‘Trading Bases’ - the story of a Wall Street trader who turned to baseball betting after he was run over by an ambulance and fired by the investment bank that employed him while he was injured. In this follow-up interview, we learn more about Joe Peta, the man who developed a successful baseball-betting model and wrote a book about how he did it. Find out what Joe thinks the future has in store for betting and his advice for gaining an edge over bookmakers.

Picking the brains of a professional tennis trader

You asked for it and we delivered. Following our successful article “Interview with a professional tennis bettor”, our readers asked for a live Q&A session with Dan Weston on Twitter. For those who missed it, here are the highlights of the #AskDan live session. Read on to find out all about the life of a professional bettor.

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