Feb 8, 2018
Feb 8, 2018

Winter Olympics medal table outright preview

Help with your 2018 medal predictions

Who will win most medals at the 2018 olympics?

Will home advantage help South Korea?

Winter Olympics medal table outright preview

The 2018 medal table is sure to be hotly contested. Whilst marquee events like ice hockey may take the headlines, it is the alpine and sliding sports that offer the bulk of the medals. Who is best placed to top the 2018 Winter Olympic medal table in PyeongChang? Read on to find out.

2018 medal table outright betting: Who will win the most medals?


Outright medal table odds: 2.179*

Strong events: Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski Jumping

Weak events: Bobsleigh, skeleton

The Norwegians are the favourites to retain their place at the top of the medal table. Norway possess leading contenders in cross-country skiing in particular and have an exceptionally strong snowboarding presence this time around.

Despite these strengths the Norwegians are less of a threat in the speed skating events so they will need a strong alpine campaign if they are to once again top the medal table.


Outright medal table odds: 2.370*

Strong events: Luge, biathlon

Weak events: Speed skating, snowboarding

Germany should improve on a disappointing 6th place on the medal table at Sochi. The German’s are traditionally strong contenders in the luge and biathlon events.

They are also contenders for gold in the bobsleigh, skeleton and Nordic combined events. Racking up medals in the sliding events and biathlon could propel Germany to their best games since 2002 and the very top of the medal table.


Outright medal table odds: 5.270*

Strong events: Freestyle skiing, snowboarding

Weak events: Cross-country skiing, curling

The USA are strong across a wide range of events and could medal in up to ten of the fifteen winter sports. They struggle to compete with the depth of other nations in speed skating and cross-country skiing however.

Their freestyle skiing team is very strong this year and their snowboarding team will be led once again by Shaun White. The 13 time Winter X Games champion and double Olympic gold medal winner achieved a perfect 100 score to qualify and is a good example of the individual talent The United States will have in contention across most events. 


Outright medal table odds: 8.890*

Strong events: Freestyle skiing, curling

Weak events: Luge, skeleton

Canada’s Winter Olympic team has much in common with their Southern neighbours. 2010’s hosts have a range good of events where they have medal opportunities. They are capable of medalling in most sports.

They are traditionally strong favourites to win curling and ice hockey medals and are once again favourites to win both the men’s and women’s curling. The men’s ice hockey tournament, however, will be greatly impacted by the absence of NHL players. Canada cannot rely on their usual strong performance in that competition so may be a gold medal down from 2014 already.

Medal table outsiders: The best of the rest

The Netherlands (14.780*) are always exceptionally strong in the speed skating events but struggle to compete across other sports. France (45.980*) may be a little under the radar but have perhaps their strongest Winter Olympic squad for a generation. They lack the depth to compete with the main contenders but may surprise a few with a strong performance in PyeongChang.

Will South Korea make the most of home advantage?

Host nations at the Winter Olympics usually see a boost in the number of medals won at their home games. This is due to an increase in funding leading up to the games as well as a slight performance boost from home advantage. In fact only one host nation (Italy, Turin 2006) have failed to match or improve upon their medal tally at the games they competed at prior to hosting.

Host nations see an average increase in medals won of 53.44% compared to the previous Winter Olympic Games. If the Koreans can improve on their three gold medals in Sochi then South Korea to win over 5.5 gold medals could offer value at 1.564*

Where can I bet on the Winter Olympic medal table outrights?

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