Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016

2016 Eurovision Song Contest betting

2016 Eurovision Song Contest betting
This year’s Eurovision Song contest, hosted in the world's largest hemispherical building, Stockholm's Ericsson Globe, is set to be a banner year. Improved voting system, special guest countries, Australia’s second consecutive participation and political correlations are the key factors to determine the final winner. Here’s what bettors need to know to make money by betting on Eurovision 2016.

Sweden stormed to victory last year in Vienna and it is soon about time to choose the successor: 43 countries, 43 songs, one winner. Who will walk away with the microphone-shaped trophy at the Grand final on 14 May?

Eurovision 2016: Top Contestants

Country Singer Song Title Odds* Implied Probability
Russia Sergey Lazarev You are the only one 2.92 34.25%
France Amir J'ai cherche 5.55 18.02%
Sweden Frans If I were sorry 13.78 7.26%
Australia Dami In Sound of silence 11.34 8.8%
Ukraine Jamala 1944 15.91 6.3%
Malta Ira Losco Walk on Water 15.99 6.2%
Latvia Justs Heartbeat 17.22 5.8%
Serbia ZAA Goodbye 17.22 5.8%
Armenia Iveta Mukuchyan LoveWave 19.03 5.2%
Croatia Nina Kraljić Lighthouse 21.41 4.7%

The new voting system

The Eurovision Song Contest is taking a new path this year, with the voting rules totally revamped in an attempt to break down the political voting. The biggest change since 1975 includes compiling votes in a two-fold way.

The jury of every country will be the first to cast their vote, followed by those from public voters. Both the jury and the viewers will have the chance to award a set of points from one to eight and then ten and twelve for each of the top 10 places.

Voting points for Top 10 positions

Position Number of points
1 12
2 10
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

The new method puts the power back to the hands of the public, with the song that will be favoured by tele-voters guaranteed to receive 12 points, irrespective of the jury’s score.

With twice as many points being awarded, the likelihood of a country ending up with the zero points is now diminished.

The new voting method puts the power back to the hands of the public, with the song that will be favoured by televoters guaranteed to receive 12 points, irrespective of the jury’s score.

Another major breakthrough involves the announcing of the final results. In the past years, the country-by-country presentation of the voting results often ended in winners celebrating their victory before the end of the voting process.

With the results being combined and announced only at the end of the competition for the first time this year, a new level of excitement is expected into the finish of the contest.

Meet the favourites

It’s not surprising to see Russia towards the top of the odds, but the fact that the Russian superstar Sergey Lazarev with ‘You are the Only One” has been consistent in leading the Pinnacle Sport’s odds since opening – currently at 2.92* is a clear indication of the positive reaction Eurovision bettors are showing towards the Russian superstar.

The big winner in the Pinnacle Sport’s odds has proven to be France with J'ai cherche. After shortening from 13. 00 to 5.55*, the market is showing strong confidence in the second favourite Eurovision winner.

 At 13.78* at the time of writing, Fran’s “If I Were Sorry” is not only Sweden’s entry for this year’s Eurovision, but also the fourth strongest candidate to win the Eurovision contest again.

Australia with the modern, upbeat “Sound of Silence” (11.34) and Ukraine with a politically oriented song (15.91) are seen as the main sources of competition for the odds-on favourites.

Eurovision 2016 odds movement

Country Opening odds (29th March) Current odds*
Russia 3.080 2.92
France 13.00 5.55
Sweden 8.890 13.78
Australia 13.00 11.34
Ukraine 15.91 15.91
Malta 17.22 15.99
Latvia 17.22 17.22
Serbia 17.22 17.22
Armenia 19.03 19.03
Croatia 17.22 21.41

Will Russia live up to the hype? Can Frans do the double for the hosting Scandinavian country or are we up for a surprise win this year? That’s down to the bettors to decide!

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*Odds subject to change 

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