Feb 7, 2017
Feb 7, 2017

Top 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for soccer betting

How Twitter can help inform betting

Get an edge over the bookmaker with the most relevant, up-to-date information

Top 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for soccer betting
Successful bettors will often rely on being able to access accurate information before anyone else to get an edge over the bookmaker. While information on Twitter might already be common knowledge, it can still help inform betting decisions. Continue reading for a run-down of the top ten must-follow soccer accounts on Twitter.

Sharp bettors will already know how valuable information can be - espcially if other bettors or the bookmaker isn't aware of it. Social media can be a great platform for sharing information - the following Twitter accounts are some of the best for learning more about soccer, betting on certain leagues and getting updates about specific teams and players.


Although the OptaPro account covers “analytical work in professional sport”, it is primarily concerned with soccer analytics from across the globe. In addition to a whole host of soccer-related statistics and articles, OptaPro will also post helpful infographics and interesting videos.

OptaJoe (English), OptaJose (Spanish), OptaPaolo (Italian), OptaFranz (German) and OptaJean (French) provide the same kind of analytical info as OptaPro, but for country specific leagues.


Similarly to OptaPro, GracenoteLive posts soccer “stats, facts & figures and unique insights” from around the world. The use of tables, charts and graphs help make somewhat complex ideas a lot easier to understand for bettors.


Still dealing with “stats, graphics and analysis”, Squawka posts lighter content than both OptaPro and GracenoteLive. In amongst some useful statistics you’ll find opinion-piece articles and soccer quizzes that can be fun to read but are not so useful in terms of betting.


It may be “your home of sports news”, but the majority of the SkySportsHQ Twitter feed is taken up by soccer related news - it is essentially where rumours and facts are separated for bettors.

As well as consistently being the first source to break official transfer stories, SkySportsNewsHQ also leads the way with injury updates and is more convenient to keep track of starting lineups ahead of games without following each individual team.


Guillem Balague is a Spanish based soccer journalist with expert La Liga knowledge. Balague writes well-formed articles and weekly reviews. He has good contacts in Spanish soccer and is most certainly a reliable source of information.


Sid Lowe is another Spanish based soccer journalist. Although his Twitter feed also includes his personal interests and political views, he provides some great insight into La Liga, Segunda Division and Copa del Rey fixtures.


Raphael Honigstein, author of Das Reboot, is an expert in German soccer - both past and present. In addition to his interesting views on modern soccer, Honigstein is regularly one of the first to break stories from German leagues. His in-depth knowledge is certainly of use to anyone betting on the Bundesliga.


Moving outside of Europe, MLSAnalyst (Matthew Doyle) is the go-to source for anything to do with soccer in the U.S and Canada. In-depth fixture previews, transfer updates and performance analysis’ are just a few examples of the value on offer in Doyle’s Twitter feed.


In terms of South American soccer, Tim Vickery is widely regarded as the number one expert in the field. A resident of Brazil since 1994, Vickery has his ear to the ground and will be the first to break any stories that could inform your betting.


Joseph Buchdahl, one of Pinnacle’s contributors, has built a following of serious bettors on Twitter. An experienced sports betting analyst, Joseph really is a must-follow for anyone who wants to expand their soccer betting knowledge.

Of course, anyone serious about betting will follow Pinnacle on Twitter. From unique market updates, to insightful BetShares and expert betting strategy articles, the Pinnacle Twitter feed has everything you need to empower your betting.

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