Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014

Which soccer betting Twitter accounts should you follow?

Best account for soccer stats & data

Best account for soccer analysis

Which soccer betting Twitter accounts should you follow?

All sports bettors should gather as much information as possible on the market they intend to bet on, ensuring their bets are informed. Below, Pinnacle recommends which Twitter accounts soccer bettors should be following ahead of the new season.

The explosion of Twitter is so apparent that it’s now the most powerful source of real-time information in the world. As relates to betting, its most obvious use is keeping bettors informed – injuries, transfers, lineup news, new data, modeling etc. – on information which may potentially move odds and/or influence bettors bets.

In addition to official league, team and national news accounts that can verify information after it’s gone public, the following resources are some of the accounts we recommend bettors follow to gain an informed opinion on soccer betting.

Soccer stats & data

With soccer data so widespread, there are a number of accounts bettors can follow in order to cover their particular area of interest. These are just a few of the accounts that look produce soccer data:




Soccer betting

It’s easy to find Twitter accounts that will offer opinions on soccer betting, but finding voices that are informed and report without bias in a way that wont influence bettors betting is rare. The following are accounts that incorporate analytics into betting talk:

@SimonGleave – From Pinnacle columnist Mark Taylor: “Works for Infostrada, so he’s up to speed on the predictive/betting models, but also bangs the drum for randomness and uncertainty as well as anyone.”

@JamesWGrayson – Grayson’s articles lean towards the analytical, but their subject matter often answers the kinds of questions bettors ask.

@penaltyblog – Martin Eastwood’s work on cluster luck, expected goals and Pythagorean modeling are what all soccer bettors should account for.

@bettingexpert – Content editor Andrew Brocker is the primary operator of this account and writes with a bettor’s appreciation of uncertainty.

@MixedKnuts – Ted Knutson, the co-founder and Editor of leading analytics website and is also a senior soccer trader at Pinnacle.

@MarkTaylor – Mark admittedly doesn’t tweet as often as he might like, but he posts dynamic articles on his account.

Soccer analysis

Getting an edge in betting is in part, about gaining a better understanding of what you’re betting upon. In recent years, the best way to accomplish that has been through the study of analytics.

Simply, crunching numbers can show you patterns for the chaos the eye test represents. Pinnacle columnist Mark Taylor sent along recommendations of Twitter accounts serious soccer bettors should be following to stay on top of the latest analytics research and the revelations they produce:

@Zonal_Marking – Site founder Michael Cox offers some of the strongest post-match analysis on the web between writing for, The Guardian, FourFourtwo and others.

@StatsBomb – Official twitter feed of soccer analytics website While Ted Knutsen is affiliated with both that company and Pinnacle, there’s no official connection between the two.

@footballfactman – Paul Riley writes about shot locations and goalkeeping.

@colinttrainor - Account for writer Colin Trainor, another who focuses on shot location.

@StatHunting – Steve Fenn is US based with research to match. Despite America lagging behind world powers in soccer, many analytics leaders hail from the US due to other American team sports relying so heavily on analytics use.

@devinpleuler – Devin Pleuler’s access to OPTA gives him a broad array to work with.

@11tegen11 – Dutchman Sander Ijtsma focuses primarily on his national league, but World Cup brought out his affection for International soccer.

Of course, we also recommend you follow @PinnacleSports for updates on line movements, betting patterns, soccer betting articles and more. If there are other accounts you feel we’re missing, tweet us.

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