Apr 26, 2017
Apr 26, 2017

How to bet on handball: A beginner's guide to handball betting

Learn about handball betting and the different markets on offer

Understand what the different handball odds mean

Where to find statistics and the latest news for handball betting

How to bet on handball: A beginner's guide to handball betting

Although handball may not be considered a major sport worldwide, handball betting is immensely popular amongst bettors. Learning how to bet on handball is simple and with plenty of value available in the various handball betting markets, with sharp bettors are focussing their attentions on both domestic and international competitions. Read on and find out how to bet on handball.

Handball betting – The basics

Handball has a rich heritage and has gradually evolved over the last century from an outdoor sport to the modern indoor version. That transition enabled the game to become faster and more dynamic, while the indoor venues have provided a more intense atmosphere - this progressioin has resulted in an increase in the populrity of handball betting.

Handball involves two teams made up of seven players each – six outfield and one in goal - playing on a 40m X 20m indoor court, for two halves of 30 minutes. The aim is to score more goals than the opposition by throwing a ball into the goal. It is similar to basketball in the way that players use their hands to move a ball and dribble in a similar way.

Scoring tends to happen in clusters with teams focusing on offence, trying build momentum and a lead, and then consolidating that lead with periods of defence.

There are also parallels with rugby as players are allowed to use force in order to stop an attacker, providing contact is made from the front. Play is stopped and then restarted by the attacking team when a defender stops the attacker.

The scoring patterns mean that handball is closer in structure to basketball than it is to soccer. This is important from a handball betting perspective because it informs the approach that bettors should take.

The game is very fluid with unlimited, continuous substitutions. As a result, scoring tends to happen in clusters with teams focusing on offence, trying build momentum and a lead, and then consolidating that lead with periods of defence - the teams that are effective in both phases over the duration of the game succeed.

After getting to grips with the basics of how handball works, you can begin to understand how to bet on handball.

How to bet on Handball

The handball betting options that are offered at Pinnacle are similar to that of basketball betting:

Match betting – Who will win the match? This is the same as Money Line betting in the NFL or the 1X2 in soccer without the draw.

Handicap betting – The bookmaker assignes a + or - handicap to each team. That set number of goals is then added to - or subtracted from a + to determine the final score and outcome of the bet.

Totals betting – How many goals will be scored by a team in a fixture, the options are either over or under the figure set by the bookmaker.

First half betting - Bettors can bet on the score after the first half of the match only.

Future or Outright betting - Betting on a team to win a tournament outright or an individual group within a tournament.

Analysing a team's form, individual player performances and if certain teams benefit from home field advantage is a good place to start.

Similarly to soccer betting or baseball betting, there are plenty of stats available to bettors who want to learn how to bet on handball. Any kind of insight will help empower your betting but analysing a team's form, individual player performances and even if certain teams benefit from home field advantage more than others is a good place to start.

With regards to useful statistics, www.sportstats.com will help you with your handball betting. For news you can try www.handball-planet.com or Twitter to stay ahed of others with the latest team news and transfers.

Handball betting - Competition guide

Pinnacle offers handball betting markets on the following events:

World Handball Championships – This event is played biennially and involves countries from around the world. It is played in a group format before knockout rounds 

European Handball Championships – Also played every two years, this tournament sees the best countries in Europe compete for the award; it doubles as qualifying for the World Championships.

The Olympics – Taking place every four years, the Olympics sees nations fighting it out for Olympic gold. Handball was first introduced in the Olympics in 1972.

In addition to the major events, Pinnacle bettors can choose from various domestic leagues, including the big leagues such as the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga. There are also EHF Champions League betting opportunities.

Handball betting - Domestic leagues

The main domestic tournament in terms of handball betting is the EHF Champions League, which begins in September and runs all the way until June.

The scoring pattern is important because it informs the approach that bettors should take.

As for the main handball leagues, the German Bundesliga commences in August or September and runs until May. It follows a similar format to its soccer counterpart in that 18 teams take part across Germany and it involves promotion and relegation to and from the 2. Bundesliga.

The Spanish Liga ASOBAL also runs from a similar period but involves 16 teams, while the LNH Starligue in France consists of 14 teams.

Now that you know how to bet on handball and what the different odds mean, you can take advantage of Pinnacle's unbeatable handball odds and get the best value online.

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