Jan 24, 2017
Jan 24, 2017

2017 Handball World Championship betting preview

In-depth preview of the 2017 World Handball Championship

Learn about the basics of handball betting

Explanation of the different handball odds available at Pinnacle

2017 Handball World Championship betting preview
The 2017 Handball World Championship will be hosted in France and take place between 11 and 29 January. Ahead of the tournament, we've explained the basics of handball betting and analysed Pinnacle's handball odds. Continue reading to get some insight into who might win the 2017 Handball World Championship.

2017 Handball World Championship update

Handball betting offers and exciting opportunity for bettors to make money, but what are the different handball odds and what do they mean? Before you place a bet on the 2017 Handball World Championship, we’ve covered off everything you need to know.

Handball betting - the basics

Handball betting has proven to be very popular at Pinnacle - much like darts betting, it's recent popularity has seen it feature among our top ten sports by bet volume. If you are interested in betting on the 2017 Handball World Championship but don’t know how the sport or handball odds work, we’re here to help.

A game of handball features two teams of seven players - six outfield players and one goalkeeper - who play on a 40m x 20m court for two 30-minute halves. Similar to soccer, the aim is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal but in handball, the ball is thrown.

France can rely on their goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer - MVP in the last Handball World Championship - to give them solid base to build from.

With a high scoring frequency, handball is often compared to other sports like basketball as opposed to hockey or bandy. This is important to know in handball betting because it informs bettors what kind of approach to take - scoring tends to happen in clusters with team’s focusing on either offence or defence for certain periods of the game.

Team’s that manage to balance offence and defence by using fluid tactics and the continuous substitution rule often prevail in handball betting. Total points is very popular in Pinnacle’s handball odds due to high goal conversion rates in the sport - we can expect shot conversion rates of 70%+ from certain players in the 2017 Handball World Championship.

Handball odds - what can you bet on?

Money line handball betting:

One of the most popular forms of betting, this is simply betting on the outcome of the match - who will win.

Handicap handball betting:

A Handicap is offered to balance the perceived bias between two teams. This handicap is represented by a number of goals for or against each team before the game starts - these goals are then added or deducted from the team’s total before any bet is settled.

Total Points handball betting:

Total Points betting refers to the total number of goals scored in a handball match. Bettors can bet on the total number of goals being over or under a specific figure set by Pinnacle before each game.

First half handball betting:

Available for the 2017 World Handball Championship, Pinnacle will offer odds on the score after the first half of the match only.

2017 World Handball Championship

Organised by the IHF (International Handball Federation), the World Championships are held every two years. This year, the tournament will be hosted by France and played across eight different venues.

There will be 24 nations competing at this year’s tournament and Pinnacle will offer unbeatable handball odds on each and every game. Split into four groups, the bottom two from each group will compete in the Presidents Cup, while the top four from each group progress into the round of 16.

The last 16 is a straight knockout competition until the winner is decided in the final on 29 January at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. The group tables are below:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
France Spain Germany Qatar
Poland Slovenia Croatia Denmark
Russia Macedonia Belarus Sweden
Brazil Iceland Hungary Egypt
Japan Tunisia Chile Bahrain
Norway Angola Saudia Arabia Argentina

France are a short-priced favourite in Pinnacle’s handball betting - the hosts are 2.00* to win the 2017 World Handball Championship. This comes as no surprise seeing as though they have won three of the last four tournaments and have home field advantage.

The five-time world champions, three-time European champions and 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold medallists can rely on their goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer - MVP in the last World Championship - to give them solid base to build from.

With outfield players like Nikola Karabatic, World Player of the Year in 2007 and 2014 on 1024 goals in 252 appearances and Michael Guigou - 771 goals in 218 appearances - the host nation look certain to mount a strong challenge for the 2017 World Handball Championship crown.

2017 World Handball Champonship odds table

TeamWorld RankingOdds*
France 5 2.00
Denmark 3 4.76
Spain 7 6.32
Germany 1 6.73
Croatia 10 11.63

Those looking for more of an outsider in Pinnacle’s handball odds might look towards 2013 winner, Spain. Currently priced at 6.32*, the Spaniards also finished second in the 2015 European Championship and have got some invaluable experience into what used to be a youthful squad.

Denmark (4.76*) and Germany (6.73*) are two more obvious options in Pinnacle’s handball betting, but Qatar (22.68*) offer a possible hedging opportunity for bettors. Often surrounded by controversy, the rise of the Qatar national side has coincided with the success of the Asian Club League Handball Championship.

Odds subject to change

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