Jan 27, 2017
Jan 27, 2017

UFC Betting: The 10 must-follow Twitter accounts

UFC Betting: The 10 must-follow Twitter accounts
Are you a fan of the adrenaline of the octagon? Do you like to bet on the UFC? Information is power and for fast information there is no better place than Twitter. Read on to find out the ten must-follow twitter accounts.

1. Best Promoter - @DanaWhite

MMA Twitter begins and ends with White, the head honcho who has embraced social media for his sport unlike any other sports’ CEO or commissioner. It was under White’s watch that the UFC started awarding fighters for their Twitter participation and he leads the pack when it comes to announcements, UFC videos, flame wars and any other manner of Twitter content. Dana’s is the single most important Twitter account for MMA bettors to follow and will be until the day he steps down.

2. Best Commentator – @JoeRogan

Comedian Rogan is a fun, clever social commentator with decades of UFC experience, including extensive MMA technique and strategy discussions with the sports’ best, all of which leads to an unequalled perspective from which to share thoughts on every aspect of the industry. Rogan does toe the company line and his feed often strays into politics and other areas of interest, but he’s undoubtedly one of the most influential communicators in the industry.

3. Best Reporter - @ArielHelwani

Helwani is an unusual character in the MMA, an authentic news source within the MMA world whose connections run deep inside and outside the UFC, having spent time working within the organisation’s media efforts. Helwani is so close to the action’s fire that he sometimes gets burned, upsetting fighters with his bluntness and story-first attitude. He’s a major newsmaker in the industry, sometimes as the teller, sometimes as the focus of the story.

4. Best Fight Odds - @BestFightOdds

Not the most voluminous account, but the resource is so crucial to MMA betting that to not mention it here would be disastrous. BestFightOdds.com compiles odds on every fight from every major sports betting operator, giving its readers an easy-to-use look at every market from beginning to end. It’s key for odds comparison and arbitrage - the kinds of things we like at Pinnacle.

5. Best Org - @UFC

There’s simply no organisation that’s more central to MMA’s prosperity. The official UFC account keeps the sports’ fans on top of coming action, ongoing cards and important news from the horse’s mouth.

6. Best News source - @MMAJunkie

Really, this award is a matter of preference, as sites like @Sherdogdotcom, @BloodyElbow, @MMAFighting and others each claim a portion of the MMA fan audience. MMAJunkie.com is an excellent source for all things MMA news and goes the extra mile in seeking out viewpoints from unlikely sources that offer the reader an additional perspective on key issues within the sport.

7. Best Fighter perspective - @TimKennedy

Tim Kennedy is no longer at the sport’s pinnacle, but he’s smart, honest and consistent with his tweeting, offering opinions on the sport from the fighters’ perspective. His account will be an interesting follow going forward as one of the most-vocal members of the new MMAAA.

8. Best Talking Head - @ChaelSonnen

Sonnen is fascinating, a brash-talking, loud-mouthed, rule-breaking, often brilliant communicator who brings experience from the sport’s pinnacle as a fighter and from life in general. Love him or hate him, there’s little doubt that he’s a must follow for MMA perspective or just plain laughs. Sonnen recently restarted his career by signing with Bellator and his perspective on the UFC, now that he has no vested interest in it, is must-follow material.

9. Best Dirt - @FrontRowBrian

Despite its social media policies, the UFC prefers to maintain tight control over the news that comes out from the organisation, and with its monopoly, it’s difficult for most news sources to operate while flagrantly in violation of that preference. That’s where Front Row Brian comes in, dispensing pivotal updates on UFC goings on that fill the gaps the UFC’s allowances leave.

10. Best Stars - @TheNotoriousMMA

As will happen with people at the top of their crafts, Conor McGregor does not have time to dedicate to his tweeting as he once did, but he is the sports’ biggest star at present and he is therefore central to MMA betting.


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