Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013

Betting alternate NFL lines

Betting alternate NFL lines
With Pinnacle offering nearly 30 NFL betting markets, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice on offer. By focusing on niche offerings, however, you will potentially find profitable alternative markets.

Betting Alternate NFL Lines

Armed with the lowest margins, bettors at Pinnacle are in a fantastic position to make a profit from alternate NFL markets.

As the majority of bettors opt to punt on the big markets allowing them to evolve to their natural value, the alternate markets are less efficient, and are an ideal way for smaller bettors to make money from.

In the NFL, Pinnacle offers betting on four different sets of alternate lines: alternate low, alternate high, extra low and extra high.

These lines use handicaps far removed from the normal line that you cannot reach via the unique drop-down buy/sell menu at Pinnacle.

For example, if the line for Chicago was -2.5 (1.87), Pinnacle may also offer the Bears at -7.5 (3.30), +3.5 (1.43), -10.5 (4.20) and +7.5 (1.26).

While you can handicap and play alternate lines just like a normal line, there are a few situations when they may be vastly superior to the standard handicap.

There are two factors that are advantageous by gaining extra points by paying a higher margin:

When the team you are backing are very consistent

If you have a match-up between two defensive teams that run the ball, the game is more likely to land near the handicap, making those extra points you bought more valuable than in a regular game.

When the game total is low

When should you play the long shot, giving up more points for a high-paying 1×2 market? Look for games with high totals, or a match between two teams that play inconsistently – especially pass-oriented offenses.

In games between two teams that cover the criteria, they’re as likely to win or lose by a high margin in a mismatch. Giving up extra points for a higher payout is a good way to cash in on the volatility of inconsistent teams.


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