Dec 19, 2018
Dec 19, 2018

Dillian Whyte vs. Derek Chisora II betting preview

A close look at the Whyte vs. Chisora odds

What did we learn from the first fight?

Whyte vs. Chisora betting: Where is the value?

Inform your Whyte vs. Chisora predictions

Dillian Whyte vs. Derek Chisora II betting preview

Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora will square off in a rematch on December 22, two years after their back-and-forth, and highly disputed first encounter. The heavyweight fight will take place at London’s O2 Arena, as both fighters look for a world title shot in 2019. Looking for value in the Whyte vs. Chisora odds? Read on to inform your Whyte vs. Chisora prediction.

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A close look at the Whyte vs. Chisora odds

The 1X2 Odds suggest Whyte is the favourite, with an implied win percentage at nearly 75%*.

The Total Rounds is set at 10.5, with Over 10.5 rounds priced at 1.564*, which suggests there is around a 65% chance that the fight will go long.

Whyte vs. Chisora betting: Which fighter has improved the most?

Since their last meeting Dillian Whyte has secured four impressive victories without defeat, producing two career best displays in the process against Lucas Browne and Joseph Parker. Dereck Chisora will enter the rematch off the back of two notable TKO wins over Zakaria Azzouzi and Carlos Takam.

In their last ten fights, Chisora has a higher average of rounds, but the pair have gone the distance equally. The most interesting stat, is that Whyte has been victorious every time he has gone to the scorecards while Chisora has just 8 wins out of 14.

Last time out, Dillian Whyte demonstrated notable improvements, showing a willingness and desire not be denied on his route to a potential world title shot. Whyte managed to drop Parker for the first time in the former world champion’s career, as the fight became a heroic battle of will and determination.

"The most interesting stat, is that Whyte has been victorious every time he has gone to the scorecards while Chisora has just 8 wins out of 14."

The bout was gripping for both fighters as Parker jabbed and moved early on, before Whyte began to leverage his physicality on the New Zealander to bully his way back into the contest and become the boss, eventually gaining a unanimous victory 113-112, 115-110, 114-111. Dereck Chisora announced himself back into the heavyweight mix with a magnificent (and somewhat surprising) eighth round knockout of the typically iron-chinned Carlos Takam. For bettors to compare, it took current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua 10 rounds to halt Takam, and Chisora managed it in far more convincing fashion.

The fight was fought at an intense pace, with both fighters exchanging heavy shots to head and body in a trial of strength and willpower. Chisora eventually knocked Takam out with a huge overhand right that sent the Frenchman crumbling to the canvas, and he couldn’t recover.

The victory showed that there is still plenty of fight left in the Londoner and that when his mind is on the job and training right he can still be a dangerous force in the heavyweight division.

What can bettors learn from the first fight?

In the first fight Dillian Whyte defeated Derek Chisora via a 12 round split-decision. The fight was extremely close and there was divided opinion amongst fans on who should have been victorious.

What was evident in the first contest was how well Chisora could apply his physical strength on the much favoured Whyte, and the former world title challenger was capable of bullying Whyte for the first half of the fight.

Chisora's biggest problem came in the championship rounds due to a lack of stamina. When he would apply a spell of sustained pressure, he would then need to take the rest of the round off through fear of gassing out.

"although it is inevitable that bettors will witness heavy exchanges at times, the probability is higher that Whyte takes a more calculated approach to score a more convincing victory."

As the fight developed, his pressure and punch volume decreased, allowing Whyte to take full advantage of his inactivity and bank some of the close rounds on the judges’ scorecards and allowed him to finish stronger.

If Chisora, at nearly 35 years of age, is serious about getting another heavyweight title shot, he has the perfect (and maybe last) chance against Whyte to have a real fight with someone who will reciprocate the punches. Whyte will get stuck in, and come to fight, so bettors should expect another exciting encounter.

Due to their long-running feud, both Chisora and Whyte lost composure before the first bout, but with the rematch there is slightly more respect between the pair, so although it is inevitable that bettors will witness heavy exchanges at times, the probability is higher that Whyte takes a more calculated approach to score a more convincing victory.

Whyte vs Chisora betting: Where is the value?

Both Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora possess an intense and heated personality, and because of this, both fighters can be drawn into confrontation which affects their performance inside the ring. Chisora will do his best to goad Whyte into a battle as he knows this will be his best chance of victory.

When provoked pre-fight, Whyte will often try to force a knockout rather than box systematically to a plan, so expect Chisora to use all his professional experience to antagonise Whyte even further. Chisora can really fight when his mind is focused and he knows he needs to raise his game to be victorious but Whyte is a fighter at the peak of his career.

When Chisora boxed at British and European level, he often took his time and strolled to victory, or a labored defeat, with no urgency – bettors should not expect this on Dec 22, which could represent a higher probability of a stoppage this time around.

The main worry for Chisora when analysing the performance against Takam was the constant leaning on the ropes – he cannot adopt these same tactics against Whyte and be successful. The right hand maybe papered over a few cracks in his performance, and he could be stopped if Whyte decides to move away and box rather than trade.

The fight will likely follow a similar pattern to the last one early on, but last time out we had two evenly matched fighters, whereas now we have a more faded Chisora, and a peak Dillian Whyte and that means odds on the fight going under 10.5 rounds at odds of 2.550* could be of potential value.

Whyte will not want the same pattern as the last fight where he is dragged into a war, so it really depends on what Dillian Whyte turns up with on fight night to determine how competitive the fight is.

Chisora looks in good shape, he's taking the fight seriously and he has the bit between his teeth but Whyte is an ever improving heavyweight, so although the odds are low at 1.327* on a Whyte victory, this could represent value to bettors.

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