Mar 3, 2017
Mar 3, 2017

How to bet on boxing

How to bet on boxing

What information can inform your boxing betting

Use pre-fight preparation knowledge to get an edge over the bookmaker

How to bet on boxing
The sport of boxing has seen a resurgence of interest in the last decade. While many people have become new fans of the technical and physically demanding sport, there has also been a major increase in boxing’s betting volume. Read on to learn how to bet on boxing and find value in the odds.

Betting on boxing is not only exciting, it provides bettors with an opportunity to make money once they understand the sport and get to grips with some of the complexities of how professional boxing works - the obvious comparison to make in this regard is with MMA betting.

How to bet on boxing

As with any sport, knowledge of how boxing works and understanding the type of markets available are the first steps to learn how to bet on boxing. The majority of boxing matches available to bet on at Pinnacle are either standard professional bouts (10 three-minute rounds) or title fights (12 three-minute rounds) - this excludes boxing in the Olympics (3 three-minute rounds).

A boxing match can be decided in many different ways:

  • Knockout (KO) - When one fighter fails to beat the referee’s count of ten seconds after a knockdown.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO) - The referee stops the fight, one fighter can’t continue due to an injury caused by a punch or the opponent’s corner “throw in the towel” (concede).
  • Decision (D) - Either fighter wins on points from the scorecards of three judges.
  • Technical Decision (TD) - The fight is decided on points after an injury.
  • Disqualification (DQ) - One fighter is disqualified.

It is worth noting that the different governing bodies - the IBF, WBC, WBA and WBO - have slightly different interpretations of the TD ruling. 

Pinnacle offers Money Line odds for all fights featured in our boxing betting market. Method of Victory - a boxer winning by KO, TKO or Decision - is also offered for more high profile bouts such as World Championship fights.

The importance of research

Doing your research is key when learning how to bet on boxing. With varying weight classes, body types and boxing styles, it is important to know what each fighter brings to the table.

It is imperative that you analyse the fight as a whole and not the event itself when betting on boxing.

As well as researching how the two styles of each fighter match up, it is also worth analysing pre-fight preparations. If a boxer is moving up a weight class or dropping down to a different weight, the strength and conditioning work before the fight can be very telling - Read our boxing betting strategy article to find out more.

Form isn’t the best indicator

In boxing, recent form is much less weighty than other influences in defining the likely winner of a bout - just because a boxer has a perfect record, doesn’t mean he is the perfect fighter. Conversely, even if a boxer has losses on his slate, it doesn’t mean he should be written off.

It’s good to source how the boxers did against comparable adversaries in boxing betting - using results against opponents with similar styles, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to get a sense of how the two fighters stack up against each other.

Analyse the fight, not the event

The personalities of boxers and art of showmanship has always been a big part boxing. However, it is imperative that you analyse the fight as a whole and not the event itself when betting on boxing.

Just like you would with any sport, pay attention to the signal and not the noise. Don’t be drawn in to what a fighter thinks of himself or indeed, what his legions of fans think of him. Analyse the fight objectively and make your own conclusions, if you see something the bookmaker hasn’t you know there’s value to be had. 

Now that you know how to bet on boxing, you can be with Pinnacle’s unbeatable boxing odds.

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