Jul 28, 2017
Jul 28, 2017

The 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for boxing betting

A list of the best Twitter accounts for boxing betting

Learn more about boxing by following these accounts

Get access to information that will inform your boxing betting

The 10 must-follow Twitter accounts for boxing betting

Boxing is not only thrilling and adrenaline-charged for fans, it also presents bettors with an opportunity to make money once they understand the sport and have access to the right kind of information. Bettors will know Twitter can be a great source of information, so we’ve provided you with the definitive list of Twitter accounts for boxing.

Whether you’ve only just learnt how to bet on boxing or you’ve been following the sport for years, you can always build on your knowledge. The Twitter accounts listed in this article provide unique insight into the world of betting and will help you make more informed decisions when betting on boxing.

Best news source – @WorldBoxingNews

With up to date boxing news and instant press releases World Boxing News is an excellent communicator of information. In addition to exclusive access to information covering all aspects of boxing around the globe,

World Boxing News will also post titbits from the world of MMA that might be of interest. Follow @WorldBoxingNews if you want reliable boxing news and information that will inform your betting.

Best Promoter – @EddieHearn

Whilst mainly confined to the UK, sports promoter and Managing Director of Matchroom Sport - Eddie Hearn is currently leading the way in boxing promotion.


With the kingpin of the heavyweight division Anthony Joshua in his stable of ever-growing fighters, @EddieHearn provides plenty of updates on all things boxing and will keep bettors knowledgeable and familiar with the current boxing scene.

Best boxing analysis – @HatmanSB

@HatmanSB primarily uses Twitter as a means to post links to recent YouTube videos. However, the boxing news updates, fight reviews, and in-depth discussions provided within those videos are second to none.

With ‘no fighter below praise and no fighter above criticism’ @HatmanSB provides an objective, insightful view of the fight game that will give bettors expert pre-fight predictions and analysis that will heighten your boxing knowledge.

Best boxing discussion - @BoxingKingdom14

@BoxingKingdom14 is a great Twitter account for interaction between boxing fans. From the ‘casual’ to the seasoned boxing head, @BoxingKingdom14 will help bettors keep their finger on the pulse within the world of boxing.


Press releases, breaking news and historical facts are just some of the reasons why @BoxingKingdom14 will empower your boxing betting - the prize giveaways to win tickets to big events is one of many other reasons to follow.

Best Reporter – @danrafaelespn

The American, an ESPN boxing writer and television commentator, is a heavyweight in terms of significance within the realms of boxing. Rafael is pound for pound one of the best accounts to follow for boxing. Either ringside or observing fights daily, @danrafaelespn the go-to man if you need round by round coverage and up to date worldwide boxing information and rankings.

Best applied Sports Science for boxing – @BoxingScience_

Sharing with you the latest ground-breaking techniques and simple strategies to improve your knowledge of the science behind boxing, @BoxingScience_ really is ahead of the pack when it comes to enhancing your knowledge of how to use pre-fight preparations as part of a boxing betting strategy.


The information @BoxingScience_ provides is something bookmakers don’t always have access to, giving you valuable insight into new training methods that improve the physical capabilities of boxers and shows what it takes for a fighter to produce an athletic performance in the ring.

Best Publication – @ringmagazine

Founded by Nathaniel Fleischer in 1922, The Ring magazine is one of the oldest boxing publications around.

Widely regarded as the bible of boxing, The Ring provides worldwide daily coverage of the fight game - with regular live twitter updates during fights, following @ringmagazine will keep you in the loop with what’s going on both inside and outside the ring and help keep you profitable for all 12 rounds of a fight.

Best for ‘small hall’ boxing - @jamacd2011

A contributor to Boxing Monthly, Boxing Scene and LiveFight, John Angus MacDonald provides great analysis of ‘small hall’ boxing. With changing weight classes, body types and boxing styles, it is important to be able to distinguish what certain fighters bring to the table at the grassroots of boxing when betting on the sweet-science at a lower level.


Information is more limited to bookmakers at a less significant level in boxing so if you see something the bookmaker hasn’t, you know there’s value to be had - @jamacd2011 is one account who can provide such information.

Best rising star – @Gervontaa 

With the career of Floyd Mayweather ultimately at an end (discounting the upcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor fight), the self-proclaimed ‘TBE’ has a new protege in his ranks - the IBF super-featherweight champion, Gervonta ‘tank’ Davis.

Whether you’ve only just learnt how to bet on boxing or you’ve been following the sport for years, you can always build on your knowledge.

Davis is still only 22 years of age and a survivor of a brutal early life in Baltimore. He possesses the skills and spitefulness inside the ring to really make a claim as one of boxing’s next megastars. Although only 18 fights on his slate, ‘Mini Mike Tyson’ has destroyed 17 from 18 opponents in stoppage wins so far and possesses plenty of amateur experience.

Following @Gervontaa on Twitter will provide some insight into the next big star in world boxing.

Best production - @EditinKing

@EditinKing is a social media page for boxing production videos that provides some of the best promos and tribute videos. With consistent content on all things boxing, @EditinKing is a knockout account to stay ahead in the world of boxing production.

The across-the-board knowledge of these Twitter accounts will unquestionably benefit bettors to progress their boxing betting awareness and knowledge, making finding the value in boxing betting markets a much easier task. Follow Pinnacle on Twitter for more useful betting-related content.

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