Jan 22, 2015
Jan 22, 2015

Have you read these betting articles?

Have you read these betting articles?
Read this article to discover our ten most-read artcicles for the last quarter of 2014. These articles give an insight of what lessons are considered valauble by the sharpest betting community.

Below, you’ll find the list of our ten most-read articles from that September-December period.

1.) What is the Fibonacci betting system?

Also our top article in the 2014 list, Fibonacci has proven our most divisive article over the last two years, and the idea of an impenetrable system inspires plenty of research.

2.) Staking: One method to improve your betting.

Another from the 2014 list, this was posted in March, so it’s placement here shows the power of the message and the article’s staying power.

3.) How to use an API for betting

Despite only having two months of active 2014 status, this incredibly important article finishes third. In the increasingly technological world of sportsbetting, using that technology to your advantage is critical to keeping up with the times. API use is the epitome, offering unparalleled access and the opportunity for automated betting systems. If you aim to be a professional, this article is a must-read.

4.) Using Monte Carlo modeling for betting

Maths PhD candidate Dominic Cortis is one of our newest writers, and his first article on the site has proven to be immensely popular. A look at assorted modeling options, the article helps the reader understand the important differences between approaches and ultimately understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.

5.) How to calculate Poisson Distribution.

The last of three 2014 list articles to make this top 10, the topic matter is critical to understand for even semi-serious bettors.

6.) Three must-read books for bettors

As much as we try to provide a comprehensive betting education here, there are some sources that one can’t be a truly educated bettor without. This article looked at three critical books, and then spawned two more articles when followers of our Twitter account started providing us with additional recommendations upon request. You’ll find those recommendations along with book reviews here and here.

7.) How to calculate double chance stakes and odds.

Every game has its rules, and those rules form a system that smart players know to manipulate. Double chance in betting is a perfectly legal manipulation, making it a critical part of advance betting strategy. This article gives you a tutorial on the tactic, and explains the math that will help you determine when you should enjoy its application.

8.) Home trader set-up

To bet at peak efficiency, you need to be set up for success. This article looks at the elements you’ll want your home set-up to incorporate, offering ideas for optimization and completion. In the aftermath of its posting, we got a number of followers sharing pictures of their set-ups on twitter.

9.) How to calculated Draw No Bet from 1X2 odds

The mathematical elements of sports betting are clear, and understanding how to apply them is essential. This article looks at the reasons you might be looking for a draw no bet option (namely, if you want to eliminate the draw as an option) the benefits of doing so and the maths you’ll need to apply to understand true DNB odds.

10.) Why averages can skew betting predictions

Another Dominic Cortis piece, this one looks at three types of “average”: Mean, mode and median, along with the important distinctions between them and their applications to sportsbetting. It also looks at the limitations of each and optimizes their situational use, an important consideration for anyone who applies averages to their calculation. Not you? Then you need to read the article to understand the benefits.

After an excellent 2014, we’re looking forward to more of the same for 2015. Have a topic you’d like to see our authors write about? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected]. Thanks for reading.


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