Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

Top 10 must-follow Twitter betting accounts

How Twitter can help inform betting

Get an edge over the bookmaker

The best betting twitter accounts to follow

Top 10 must-follow Twitter betting accounts

Successful bettors will often rely on being able to access accurate information before anyone else to get an edge over the bookmaker. While information on Twitter might already be common knowledge, it can still help inform betting decisions. Continue reading for a run-down of the top ten must-follow betting accounts on Twitter.

Pinnacle (@Pinnacle)

We think our own Twitter account is one of the best accounts to follow for any aspiring or professional bettor – with good reason. The Pinnacle Twitter account is brimming with betting-related content in the form of unique and insightful articles, as well as links to the various betting podcasts that we create.

Our articles and podcasts cover all the major sports and leagues, from soccer, tennis, and boxing, to the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Pinnacle’s Twitter even runs live event coverage on major sporting events to keep you up to date with the latest odds and action. If all of that wasn’t enough, there’s even plenty of competitions that give you the chance to win a range of prizes, including soccer jerseys, AirPods, and limited-edition merchandise!

Twitter Snapshot

This tweet shows an excellent example of our live event coverage, in this case the NBA.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = All sports

Joseph Buchdahl (@12Xpert)

Joseph Buchdahl, one of Pinnacle’s contributors, has built a following of serious bettors on Twitter. An experienced sports betting analyst, Joseph really is a must-follow for anyone who wants to expand their betting knowledge.

In addition to sharing the articles he’s written for Pinnacle, Joseph will also often share his well-informed opinion on betting-related debates. He also runs the website where you’ll find a wealth of data to help improve your soccer betting.

Twitter Snapshot

Providing fascinating and thought-provoking analysis on a regular basis, this tweet thread is just one of many examples that Joseph provides on Twitter.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = All sports

David Purdum (@DavidPurdum)

A feature writer for ESPN Chalk, David Purdum is a great follow to keep your timeline up-to-date with the latest betting news across various sports. Anyone looking for interesting stories in the world of betting should look no further than David.

In addition to interesting snippets from bookmakers that give a glimpse into the industry, @DavidPurdum is also usually one of the first to break important news. Stating himself “I am not good at gambling”, you shouldn’t hope for a stream of winning picks from David (you’ll struggle to find that anywhere on Twitter). Instead, utilise the information he provides to keep up-to-date with all things betting.

Twitter Snapshot

Providing betting news and statistics, this tweet from David is just one example of what you can expect.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = All sports

Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper)

One half of the Deep Dive podcast, the "Whale Capper" himself Drew Dinsick is another great follow that will enhance your betting knowledge. Specialising in handicapping on the NFL and NBA, Drew is another guest to have featured on the Pinnacle podcast.

A constant stream of valuable insight and great content means there is always something to grab your attention on the @whale_capper feed. Even in the downtime of his main sport coverage, Drew offers up plenty of general betting insight to help those interested in all manner of sports.

Twitter Snapshot

This tweet directs users to Drew’s excellent Deep Dive podcast, in this instance, discussing the NFL.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = NFL, NBA and general betting

Infogol (@InfogolApp)

The emergence of expected goals as a valuable metric in soccer betting analysis has been well documented and widespread across social media. However, the account you need to follow that uses this metric to provide enlightening analysis on Europe’s top soccer leagues is Infogol.

In addition to game-by-game shot maps, Infogol also features on Pinnacle’s Premier League Insights podcast and publishes various articles for those looking to find an edge in the soccer betting markets.

Twitter Snapshot

This particular tweet from Infogol highlights a team player comparison based on the xG data model, to give bettors greater insight into player performance.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Soccer

Dan Weston (@Tennisratings)

When it comes to tennis betting, Dan Weston is a must-follow. Owner of the excellent Tennis Ratings website, author, sports analyst, columnist, and regular guest on the Pinnacle podcast, Dan shares unique and valuable betting insight on tennis throughout the year.

Delivering detailed statistics on matches, players, and tournaments – following Dan will serve to help you improve your tennis betting.

Twitter Snapshot

One of many to choose from, this tweet from Dan Weston links out to the fantastic articles he wrote for Pinnacle, that are sure to expand your tennis betting horizons.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Tennis

Statmuse (@Statmuse)

For those looking for aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest NBA statistics, Statmuse is the account for you. Their unique artwork alone makes this a great follow for your timeline, with the addition of their intriguing and insightful statistics helping to add additional layers to your analysis.

Twitter Snapshot

Combining unique artwork and statistical insight, this tweet from Statmuse is a great snapshot of their account.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Basketball

Statcast (@statcast)

Statcast specialises in in-play data for Baseball: How hard a hit was pitched, at what angle, how far the fielder had to go to get the ball, at what speed, and at what route efficiency; the list goes on. Ultimately, if you want to know about in-play performance, Statcast can tell you.

Twitter Snapshot

This excellent tweet is one of many that Statcast provide, highlighting particular baseball statistics - in this case, the exit velocity of the ball.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Baseball

Evolving Hockey (@EvolvingHockey)

Home to some of the most advanced NHL statistics on the web, let alone social media, Evolving Hockey offers hockey bettors every tool they could possibly need to make informed betting decisions. Offering detailed live game analysis and post-game breakdowns, Evolving Hockey will help even the most advanced NHL bettors.

Twitter Snapshot

In this snapshot, you can see the incredibly detailed statistical analysis that Evolving Hockey provide on a regular basis.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Ice Hockey

Datagolf (@Datagolf)

When it comes to betting on golf, it’s imperative you have Datagolf amongst your following list. They provide highly sophisticated and insightful statistics that are sure to highly inform and improve your golf betting moving forward.

In addition to in-depth analysis and useful explanations into how their model works, Datagolf also provide great event previews to help bettors make those all important decisions ahead of golf events.

Twitter Snapshot

This tweet is a perfect example of some of the illuminating data that is available to followers of Datagolf, highlighting how different players perform under pressure.

Sports bettors this account appeals to = Golf

Honourable Mentions

@adamchernoff – The man to follow for NFL betting, Adam has featured on The Opening Line podcast at Pinnacle, written numerous betting articles, is the voice of The Simple Handicap, and is an all-round well informed bettor that will be a great follow.

@PlusEVAnalytics – Covering a range of sports from the NFL, MLB, NHL and many others, actuary and knowledgeable bettor Plus EV Analytics is another person who offers a lot to bettors on Twitter. He has also featured on Pinnacle’s Serious About Betting podcast, contributed articles to Pinnacle’s Betting Resources and now regularly posts great articles on his own blog.

@Gingfacekillah - Statistical Sports Models in Excel author, and data science and law student, Andrew Mack is another great account to follow that covers all the major sports. Andrew has featured on both Pinnacle’s Serious About Betting and Profit from Perspective, and wrote the fantastic Failure: The secret to success? article on Pinnacle’s Betting Resources. 

In addition to showing bettors how to approach uncertainty and find value in betting markets, Andrew is always on hand to offer advice and help bettors along on their journey.

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