Jan 7, 2015
Jan 7, 2015

Our top 10 most popular articles of 2014

Our top 10 most popular articles of 2014
2014 saw Pinnacle’ dedication to educating bettors rise to new heights by publishing more betting articles offering readers opportunities to broaden their betting education. Below, we look at the ten most read articles of 2014, with the suggestion that if you haven’t read them, you’ll probably want to take a few minutes to do so:

10.)Bayesian Analysis and sports betting

Thomas Bayes was a man ahead of his time, his doctrines only realising their potential some 200 years after his death, with the popularisation of computers. Bayesian analysis gives bettors a powerful tool to define the probability of a sporting event. This article introduces it and shows you how to apply it to sports betting.

9.)2014 ATP French Open betting

Previewing a tennis major is a natural, but what made this one special was it was one of the first Pinnacle articles written by Dan Weston. @tennisratings has since taken our tennis content to a new level, using data to put his readers ahead of the tennis betting curve. This was only the beginning of a partnership with Pinnacle that many bettors have praised and benefitted from.

8.) Calculate margins on 1X2 odds

The classics never go out of style. This article, one of the first we ever published, has a long shelf life due to the lesson it teaches. Every bettor should know the importance of margins, Michael Gales explains the effect they have on your bottom line and how to determine what they are when you price shop.  The difference may only seem small at the time, but are often the difference between long-term winners and losers.

7.) Betting on soccer Asian handicap markets

Despite being written in 2012, this article is timeless, an idea proven in the continued popularity. Understanding Asian handicaps is key to taking advantage of the best betting product in the industry and this article is a primer into how they work.

6.) How Bookmakers work

Another original, and in some ways, the most important of them all. Game theorists know that any “game” has rules that players can use to their advantage, and understanding the system you’re playing that game within is key to exploiting them. This article explores the system you’re betting in; in doing so, it gives you a look at how to use that system optimally.

5.) Examining World Cup 2014 outright betting

Our most popular soccer article of 2014. Mirio Mella scratched the itch that all soccer fans and bettors were starting to feel with World Cup creeping closer. While the event is now over, the lessons in this article regarding factors to focus on with outrights betting still hold true and will be effective for all bettors looking ahead to 2015 and beyond.

4.) Staking: One method to improve your betting

So much sports betting focus is on what to bet on, that the question of how much to bet goes woefully under-explored. This article aims to remedy that, looking at strategies you can apply to ensure your bankroll stays healthy.

3.) Poisson Distribution: Predict a soccer betting winner

A means of determining probability, Poisson Distribution is a valuable tool for experienced bettors. This article explains how it works, then applies it to soccer betting in a clear way, giving bettors previously unaccustomed to Poisson Distribution a great primer.

2.) What is arbitrage betting?

A simple but crucial concept in betting, Pinnacle’ attitude towards arbitrage is seen by some as the single greatest differentiator between us and other sports books, and as indicative of our attitude towards bettors in general. Arbitrage, simply, means guaranteed profits, and while other books run from it, we go so far as to occasionally announce opportunities on Twitter. This article explains the system and how bettors can use it for betting success.

1.) What is the Fibonacci betting system?

Our most-read article of the year was actually written by Jack Ratcliffe in 2013, but its subject matter continues to electrify bettors. Fibonacci Strategy for Soccer Betting suggests you should bet on draws until you win, with bet sizing increasing using the Fibonacci sequence. The question, of course, is whether it’s right. This article looks at the roots of Fibonacci and its applications to betting, and ultimately helps you to determine whether you should trust your bankroll to the method.

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