Jul 8, 2020
Jul 8, 2020

The best betting podcasts

How podcasts can help inform betting

What are the best betting podcasts?

What is your favourite betting podcast?

The best betting podcasts

Looking for the best betting podcasts to expand your knowledge? There are hundreds of betting podcasts out there to choose, and each has a different way of entertaining their listeners. If you’re struggling to find the best betting podcasts, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of must-listen podcasts for anyone interested in betting.

Successful bettors will often rely on being able to access information before anyone else to get an edge over the bookmaker. While you have to work hard to find an edge, some of those who have enjoyed success are also willing to share their insight for the benefit of others.

Whether it’s sport-specific, going for something that is more educational and informative, or entertaining, or a mix of both, it can be hard to pick the right podcast. Especially when there is so much to choose from.

There are hundreds of betting related podcasts on internet, but we’ve produced the following list of our favourites. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a podcast, each one of these will help add to your betting experience. Make sure to tweet us @Pinnacle if you think we have missed one that should be on this list!

Pinnacle Podcast

Despite the obvious bias, we truly believe that the Pinnacle Podcast is the best betting podcast around! Our series cover a wide array of sports from Premier League soccer (Premier League Insights) and the NFL (The Opening Line), to boxing (Puncher’s Chance) and tennis (Advantage Bettors).

The Pinnacle Podcast also features in-depth interviews with respected betting professionals.  These insightful guests possess invaluable knowledge that will undoubtedly help inform your betting.

Our interview series, Serious About Betting and the shortened Profit from Perspective, have proven incredibly popular thanks to our guests sharing a wealth of betting insight that can be applied by all types of bettor, from beginner to advanced.

Business of Betting (@BettingPod)

Opting to focus on the “business side of the betting, wagering and investing world” the Business of Betting podcast is a great listen for those looking to form a well-rounded view of the world of betting.

Esteemed guests from gaming company CEOs to professional bettors, industry insiders and financial traders chat with the Business of Betting’s Jake about the betting industry from top to bottom, across all countries and sports.

The longevity and reputation of the Business of Betting podcast is due in part to the quality of the guests featured on the show, but also the hosts’ experience and comprehensive understanding of the betting industry. Jake’s ability to hold a conversation with such a wide variety of guests, and uncanny ability to always ask the right question is a big reason for why his podcast features on this list.

Deep Dive (@DeepDivePod)

Hosted by the "Whale Capper" himself Drew Dinsick and Andy Molitor, the Deep Dive podcast aids bettors across a variety of sports with a specific focus on NFL during the football season.

There aren’t many better podcasts that manage to find the balance between entertaining and educating its listeners. While there is a lot to learn from listening to this podcast, it is often disguised through the laidback hosting style of Drew and Andy. It almost tricks you into learning about the world of betting and what it’s like to spend your time trying to beat the markets.

Drew joined us on the Pinnacle Podcast to discuss How changes to the betting landscape have helped bettors.

Bet the Process (@BetTheProcess)

Rufus Peabody is one of the most well-known professional bettors and has appeared on numerous podcasts as a guest. He also co-presents his own podcast, Bet the Process, with ex-ESPN Predictive Analytics Expert Jeff Ma.

While this podcast probably wins the award for the best intro of any betting podcasts out there, it is also one of very few that features a professional bettor, with proven success, sharing his thoughts on betting. If you want to get inside the mind of one of the best bettor’s in the business, this podcast is a great place to start.  

Rufus Peabody recently featured on the Pinnacle Podcast where he discussed The life of a professional sports bettor.

The Simple Handicap (@adamchernoff)

On his podcast, Adam Chernoff breaks down NFL market movements and provides and insightful commentary one where markets might move. Additionally, he helps listeners understand why placing bets at certain numbers or certain times could be the difference between success and failure in NFL betting.

This short daily podcast uses a unique format that means it’s perfectly suited to incorporating into your morning routine. The delivery from its host makes it such an easy listen and often leaves you ready and waiting for the following day’s episode.

An NFL betting expert and regular Pinnacle contributor, Adam has experienced more than many bettors will in their lifetime and has still only been in the game for around a decade – his enthusiasm for betting a love for the NFL certainly comes across in his work.

Whether you’re new to NFL betting or looking alternative angles to your analysis, The Simple Handicap provides great information, delivered in a unique and entertaining way. As well as running The Simple Handicap, Adam is also regular on our NFL podcast, The Opening Line.

Matchbook (@matchbookpod)

Much like Pinnacle, Matchbook promotes the uses of effective betting strategies such as making sure you bet at the right number and using bankroll management to optimise your bankroll.

Covering soccer, NFL,  golf and plenty more, Matchbook’s panel of experts dig into the betting action from the previous week and look ahead to the coming week’s sport. Brad Allen, a contributor to Matchbook and a specialist in NFL betting, featured on the Pinnacle Podcast when he joined us for an episode of Profit from Perspective.

BetFair Betting Podcast

The Betfair Betting Podcast covers a range of sports, featuring soccer, horse racing, NFL and cricket,  with weekly shows on all as well as the occasional specials on golf, rugby, politics and much more.

Although this podcast helps bettors with suggested bets, it is far from the usual tipster based content. Betfair uses data to inform their opinion (an approach to betting that has been advocated by Pinnacle for many years).

Featuring guest contributors such as ex-professional soccer player Dimitar Berbatov and set up in a way that makes it easy to choose what you want to listen to, the Betfair Betting Podcast is another one for aspiring bettors to check out.

Podcasts are a great way to increase your betting wisdom, with all of the podcasts talked about here offering great advice, expertise when it comes to sports betting. The Pinnacle Podcast is available across a host of platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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