Nov 28, 2018
Nov 28, 2018

The stats behind the NBA season

Eastern Conference: Stats and facts

Western Conference: Stats and facts

The stats behind the NBA season

There is always plenty of interesting stats and facts coming out of the NBA and this kind of information can provide bettors with valuable insight. Ermay Duran, a former Analyst for some of the biggest teams in the NBA, has put together a conclusive list of all the NBA stats and facts you need to know.

Eastern Conference: Team stats and facts

80.6 - Defensive rebounds

The Chicago Bulls grabbed 80.6% of defensive rebounds, the second highest in the league. The addition of rookie centre Wendell Carter could further enhance this strength.

72 - Scoring output

On March 13, 2018, the Orlando Magic had the lowest scoring output of any team game last season with 72 points. Who will earn that distinction this year?

66% - Assist rate

The Philadelphia 76ers had the second highest assist rate last year at 66%.

57 - Mid-Range jumpers

When shooting mid-range jumpers early in the shot clock (before the shot clock hits 14 seconds), the Washington Wizards shot 57% last year, the second highest in the league.

52 - Wins

Two years removed from a 10-72 season, the Philadelphia 76ers won 52 games last year. It was the most in franchise history since Allen Iverson took a 56-win team to the NBA Finals in 2001.

41.6 - Points

Opponents only averaged 41.6 points in the paint against the Philadelphia 76ers, which was the lowest in the league last year.

35.7 - Three point attempts

The Brooklyn Nets took 35.7 three point attempts per game last season (second highest in the league).

28 - Years

Charlotte has had an NBA team for 28 years, but never won a division title. Is this the year Kemba Walker and company finally break through?

22.5 - Mid-range attempts

The New York Knicks averaged 22.5 midrange attempts per game last season, the most in the league.

10 - Salary 

The Miami Heat are paying seven different players $10 million or more this season, the most in the NBA.

32 - Televised games

Compared to last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have 32 fewer nationally televised games. That’s the LeBron effect.

Easters Conference: Player stats and facts

76% - Rest

John Wall spent 76% of his time on the floor standing still or walking last season, the second most in the league. Like other stars, he conserves energy when not running at a blistering pace.

74.5 - Shot conversion

Despite Andre Drummond’s massive improvement in free throw percentage (up to 60.5% last year from 38.6% in the 2016-17 season), the Detroit Pistons still only converted 74.5% of their shots at the line (sixth lowest in the league).

37.9 - Three pointers

Tim Hardaway Jr. is entering the second year of his massive 4-year, $71 million deal. So far, Hardaway Jr. has improved upon his career low 31.7% from 3 last season, shooting 37.9% from beyond the arc.

67 - Injury

Reggie Jackson has missed 67 games over the last two seasons. Will this be the year he stays healthy and leads the Pistons to the playoffs?

54.5 - FGP

Celtic’s rookie Jayson Tatum had an effective field goal percentage last season of 54.5% when taking between three and six dribbles. He was not far off from Steph Curry’s 55.4 effective field goal percentage for the same shots.

17.3 - PER

Terry Rozier of the Boston Celtics increased his PER (player efficiency rating) to 17.3 in the playoffs last year (compared to 15.1 in regular season) in Kyrie Irving’s absence. Rozier’s role will certainly be reduced as Kyrie returns from injury, but he could still have a huge impact off the bench.

4.0 - Defence VORP

Kyrie Irving had a career high 4.0 value over replacement player last season, a testament to his improving defence.

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Western Conference: Team stats and facts

60 - Playoff visits

The Los Angeles Lakers have been to the playoffs 60 times in 70 seasons - the most in NBA history.

81.5 - Free throws

As a team, the Golden State Warriors converted a league high 81.5% of their free throws last season - 10% better than the worst team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

63 - Pythagorean win-loss record

While the Suns 21-61 record was the worst in the NBA last year, they actually exceeded the win total one would expect from their point spread. The Suns’ Pythagorean win-loss record pegged them for 63 losses last year.

82 - FGA

The Utah Jazz had +82 field goal attempts per game, which was second-lowest in the league. However, nine of the bottom 10 teams in field goal attempts per game made the playoffs.

50 - Draft

The Sacramento Kings have won fewer than 50% of their games in each of the last 12 seasons and have had a top-10 draft pick every year since 2008. Can Marvin Bagley III lead the Kings to a respectable record this year?

49.6 - Assists 

The Portland Trail Blazers assisted only 49.6% of their makes, the lowest in the league.

43 - Mid-range jumpers

While the Houston Rockets are averse to shooting mid-range jumpers, when they did it last season they were extremely effective - converting on 43% of them (second highest in league).

50.2% - Winning percentage 

The Dallas Mavericks have been in the NBA for 38 seasons, and the team has been almost perfectly average during that time. Dallas has won 10 more games than it has lost, and recorded a 50.2% winning percentage.

31.6 - Free throw percentage

The Oklahoma City Thunder had two of the worst free throw shooters in the league last year, with Josh Huestis shooting 30% and Andre Roberson clocking in at 31.6%.

19.3 - Fast break points

The Golden State Warriors led the league with 19.3 fast break points per game last season. To dethrone the champs, teams will have to limit their fast break opportunities.

18.7 - Turnover points

The Denver Nuggets let opponents get 18.7 points per game off their turnovers the highest in the league last year.

5 - All-Stars

With the addition of Demarcus Cousins, the Golden State Warriors have five players who were All-Stars last year. It’s the first time in NBA history a team has five players who were All-Stars the previous year.

Western Conference: Player stats and facts

857 - LBJ

LeBron James made 857 shots last year, 77 more than the closest player (Anthony Davis – 780

68 - KAT

Karl-Anthony Towns led the NBA with 68 double-doubles last season while the remainder of the Timberwolves are only scoring on +50 possessions per game.

64.5% - FGP

DeAndre Jordan had the second highest field goal percentage at 64.5% last year. He’s currently shooting at 62.2%.

56 - Rejected

Anthony Davis had 56 more blocks than any other player last season. That’s the same as the gap between second place (Clint Capela) and 25th place (Mason Plumlee)

44 - InglestThree point percentage

Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz shot 44% from the three point line. He was one of eleven shooters who shot above 40% from three while taking over five attempts from distance.

40 - Longevity

At age 40, Dirk Nowitzki will play his twenty-first season with the Dallas Mavericks, the most any player has played for one franchise in NBA history.

27.5 - Ratings

The highest net rating of any five players last season (minimum 150 minutes) was 27.5, featuring the Utah Jazz’s Ricky Rubio, Jae Crowder, Rudy Gobert, Joe Ingles, and Donovan Mitchell.

21 - Freebies

Anthony Davis converted a single game high of 21 free throws last season. Getting freebies like this could propel him to the front of the MVP conversation.

20 - GM

In the annual General Manager survey, 20% of GMs picked Jamal Murray to have a breakout season. Perhaps he can capture the Most Improved Player award as Victor Oladipo did last year.

13.2 - Backcourt

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson had the highest net rating of a starting backcourt last season at 13.2.

9.0 - Outsiders

LeBron James and the Lakers started with 9.0 odds to win the championship, which is the highest odds a LeBron-led team has been given to start the season in the last decade.

57 - Triple Double

Russell Westbrook has averaged a triple double for an entire season each of the last two years. Oscar Robertson is the only other player to average a triple double for an entire season even once. Last year, Westbrook also added highest scoring triple double (57 points) to his list of impressive feats.

34 - Curse

Each of the last eight LA Clippers’ players to to wear the #34 jersey have left the team after two or fewer seasons. Will Tobias Harris reverse the trend and stay with the Clippers long-term?

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