Apr 26, 2017
Apr 26, 2017

The best NBA Twitter accounts for basketball betting

A list of the best NBA Twitter accounts for basketball betting

Get access to information that will empower your basketball betting

Who makes our top 10 NBA Twitter accounts?

The best NBA Twitter accounts for basketball betting
The NBA consists of 30 teams. In order to gather information that could improve your betting decisions, you could follow every team’s official Twitter account as well as their main beat writers. This is a daunting task and before you know it you, will be flooded with an insane number of tweets. To help you out, here's a list of the top ten NBA Twitter accounts that will empower your basketball betting.

Twitter can be a great source of information to inform your basketball betting and take advantage of Pinnacle’s unbeatable odds, high limits and winners welcome policy. We’ve already put together a definitive list of the best Twitter accounts to follow for soccer betting and UFC betting, so now we’ve done the same for those that want to bet on the NBA.


John Schuhmann is an “advanced stats writer for NBA.com”. If statistics and analytics are what you are looking for, look no further. On his Twitter account he will post stats that show team efficiencies, how teams fare with certain players on the floor and much more. When betting on the NBA, keeping up-to-date with the thoughts of actual NBA employees will be a real benefit.

Best NBA Twitter accounts


@nbastats is another useful account for bettors who are looking to use statistical analysis to help inform their betting. Ranging from the basic points per game (PPG) to more obscure blocked field goal attempts (BLKA), the wide range of individual and teams stats offered up by this account will have a big impact on your NBA betting.


Marc Stein is a trusted ESPN NBA reporter who often gets the “inside scoop” and writes in-depth and insightful articles. With a proven track record of an ability to decipher what is a rumour and what is the truth, keeping a close eye on Marc’s Twitter feed will give you a head start on other bettors and more importantly, the bookmakers.


Don Best Sports proclaims to be “the best source for all your sports betting information” and they aren’t far wrong. A simple and free online betting information service (for a fee you can expand the services they offer) this account is a valuable tool for anyone betting on basketball.

Best NBA Twitter accounts

The constant supply of stats relating to various basketball bet types merely scrape the surface of what Don Best Sports has to offer - this Twitter account caters to all types of NBA bettors, from the novice to the experienced.


Fantasy Labs gives you up-to-date injury information and posts the starting line-ups for games. Always one of the first to break injury news, @FantasyLabsNBA will provide you with critical information that will certainly inform your betting - if a player is injured or left out of the starting line-up, it will have a major impact on what you bet on.


Anyone who knows Pinnacle will know that we offer unbeatable odds for basketball betting. However, if you want an independent opinion then Sportsbook Review is the place to go. While we believe in educating bettors in how to make their own betting decisions, SBR’s analysis of upcoming games and potential betting angles are some of the best online.


Widely regarded as the bible of basketball, The Vertical is a “hub of NBA breaking news, info and storytelling”. Using information sourced from a large number of outlets from across the Internet, @TheVertical cuts out a lot of work for anyone betting on basketball.

While the opinion pieces and highlight videos are more for entertainment purposes, there’s plenty of content to get through for anyone interested in basketball in general. Editor of The Vertical, Adrian Wojnarowski, is also worth a follow.

Best NBA Twitter accounts


Jalen Rose is a former player and current sports analyst and radio Co-Host of his own show. He is very outspoken and entertaining, although his views aren’t directly related to betting, it is a useful perspective nonetheless - this inside look at how players might be feeling will add value to your basketball betting decisions.


Nate Duncan is one of the best in the business in terms of in-depth analysis and breakdown of key plays. The majority of his tweets are subjective opinions, but they are well informed and can help expand your knowledge when betting on the NBA  - his podcast episodes covering team chemistry and other issues also offer some great insight.

Best NBA Twitter accounts


Mike Wilbon is a Co-Host of Pardon The Interruption, ABC/ESPN NBA Analyst, and columnist for bothESPN.com and ESPN Chicago. Although technically not a commentator, he is a well-known and respected person in the field. Mike’s Twitter feed is great entertainment, but he’ll often provide his followers with a breaking story - if you can act on this kind of information before anyone else, you’ll benefit in terms of the odds you get.

The wide-ranging expertise of these Twitter accounts will undoubtedly help bettors improve their NBA betting knowledge and make finding the value in basketball betting markets a much easier task. Follow Pinnacle on Twitter for more useful betting-related content.

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