Oct 18, 2016
Oct 18, 2016

Advanced basketball bet types explained

Advanced basketball bet types explained
If you’re looking for alternatives to the traditional money line or handicap forms of basketball betting, it might be time to try some of the more advanced – and potentially more exciting – bet types. Read on to learn more about half and quarter betting, multiples, teasers, futures and proposition betting.

If you aren't ready for advanced basketball bet types, read our guide to understanding basic basketball bet types first.

Half & quarter betting

Half or quarter betting allows the bettor to bet on the result after a quarter or half of the game, instead of over the full 48 minutes. Bets can be placed on any of the four periods or two halves. Games will show odds for the money line, handicap and totals.

It is often the case in basketball that the team that wins at the final whistle does not win each quarter/half, so betting on halves or quarters gives the bettor an opportunity to use their knowledge of variations in team performances – teams that start or finish strongly for example – to make a profit.

Multiples basketball betting

This bet is made up of a combination of two or more picks on one or more games. The bettor must correctly predict all selections to win. The more games they select, the higher the odds and the bigger the potential win if all selections are correct. For example a three game accumulator will look like this:

Heat to win 1.198
LA Lakers to win 1.952
Phoenix Suns to win 6.730

A £10 bet would return £157.47 (including stake), however if any of the teams lost the bettor would win nothing.

Accumulators are popular because they offer big returns for a smaller outlay – but the potential for winning decreases with each additional team. Find out more about the pros and cons of multiple betting.

Teaser basketball betting

A teaser is similar to an accumulator but the odds are fixed per Teaser and the bettor has the benefit of adjusting the point handicap. Points can be added to the underdog or subtracted from the favourite depending on what outcome the bettor feels is most likely.

All of the teams selected must win in order for a bettor to win their bet. A single loss on any one game makes the entire bet a losing one.

Basketball teaser point spreads can be moved 4, 4.5, or 5 points at Pinnacle, and the teasers must be between two or six teams.

Teasers continually cause debate amongst bettors, with some believing they are pointless bets, while others believe they are worthwhile, as more games tend to fall close to the point handicap. Whatever the truth, there are definitely quite a few myths that surround teasers – learn more.

Futures basketball betting

Betting on basketball futures allows players to bet on a team’s chances of winning a championship or conference at the start of a season or playoffs. This can offer bettors value if they bet before the season starts, as the odds will change throughout the season, however the odds taken when the bet is placed remain the same.

Proposition basketball betting

Proposition – or props – are bets that focus outside of the regular game variables like outcome, score or margin of score. They can extend to the weird and wonderful and for that reason tend to be considered some of the most successful for a player to win. Propositions are commonly offered on individual players or game scenarios. A typical prop might look like this:

Will LeBron James score 65 points in any game this season?
Yes (4.500)
No (1.200)

While odds for the money line and handicap are usually formed from the aggregated opinion from many bookmakers, bets on props are usually the bettor’s opinion versus just one bookmaker. The key here is to know more than that bookmaker.

Understanding the more advanced basketball bet type is essential so the bettor can spot where the value lies for a potential bet, therefore giving them the best opportunity to make as much profit as possible for basketball betting.

No matter what bet type you choose, you'll always get unbeatable odds on basketball betting at Pinnacle.

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