Sep 7, 2016
Sep 7, 2016

Twitter Baseball Academy Awards

Twitter Baseball Academy Awards
Twitter is a powerful tool for the baseball bettor seeking top-notch information to increase their betting profits. Keep away from the noise. Here are the eight must-follow accounts for MLB bettors who are after serious winnings.

1. Best reporter@KenRosenthal

@Buster_ESPN and @JonHeyman get honorable mention here, but there’s little doubt that if you’re trying to stay on top of breaking news, there’s no one in the business who is better-connected than the little man in the bowtie.

Rosenthal’s is constantly present on Twitter, where he breaks approximately half of the industry’s transaction news. Take his analysis with a grain of salt, but for the reporting alone, he’s an MLB must-follow.

2. Best Aggregator - @MLBTradeRumors

When @TimDierkes launched his transaction blog aggregating all MLB transaction news less than a decade ago, he couldn’t have foreseen becoming an industry giant. That’s what MLBTR is though; a critical cog in the MLB infoverse, read by fans and players alike.

The Twitter account is mostly an appendix for the website, but is incredibly timely and comprehensively covers reports from any reporter who matters.

3. Best Roster tracker - @mlbdepthcharts

Another MLB entrepreneur, Jason Martinez is the founder of, the most-reputable up-to-date roster tracker in the industry.

Martinez recently sold the site to MLBTradeRumors, but has continued to maintain his project, tweeting every major league move made by every major league team as the info comes in.

4. Best Educational tools - @fangraphs

Fangraphs isn’t going to enhance your betting with in-the-moment info, but is a critical website for bettors who are looking to increase their general comprehension of the mathematical realities of the game.

Like MLBTradeRumors, Fangraphs’ Twitter account is an index, but it publishesso frequently that it’s handy to have the kind of organizational tool the account provides.

5 & 6 Best statheads: @SamMillerBP & @BenLindbergh

 This isn’t entirely fair, since there are plenty of great stathead writers out there, but Miller and Lindbergh, co-hosts on Baseball Prospectus’ daily podcast Effectively Wild, get a special mention.

While many analysts in today’s game rely exclusively on data, Miller and Lindbergh have seen the other side; as detailed in their book The Only Rule is it has to Work, the two were given carte blanche in running a team.

In doing do, they admittedly learned hard lessons about the more human elements of the game, lessons that have given their analysis a better-rounded feel.  

7. Best data tool - @statcast

For years, Baseball has been the sport whose info is considered the most complete, but the Statcast revolution has shown that previous perspective to be flawed.

Statcast specializes in in-play data: How hard a hit was pitched, at what angle, how far the fielder had to go to get the ball, at what speed and at what route efficiency; the list goes on.

Ultimately, if you want to know whether player performance is fluke or legit, Statcast can tell you. This, the official account of the program, is your introduction.

8. Best pitcher forecasting tool@Brooksbaseball is the strongest resource out there for understanding pitchers, tracking velocity and movement on a per-pitch basis.

Want to know if a potential starting pitcher’s recent success was legitimate? Have a look at their velocity and movement data for the last few starts. Want to know if a pitcher’s recent dip in performance was due to batted ball luck or a dip in velocity? What that pitcher’s pitch mix was in their last start against tonight’s opponent? This is the place for you. Dan Brooks, the owner of the site, tweets from this, his personal account.

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